25 Ways to Use Video Production for Your Business

authorShannon Correia dateMay 31, 2021

Video is one of the most versatile forms of content that a business can use. It has become a staple in digital marketing thanks to its ability to attract and engage audiences. In this article, we’ll be sharing 25 ways that you can make video content work for you. This list isn’t meant to overwhelm, but rather to inspire. With video production, the sky's the limit. 

25 Ways to Use Videos

25 ways to use videos for business

1. Training

Videos are a great medium for training employees. It offers multiple benefits, including saving both time and money, ensuring that standardised learning takes place, and helping employees to retain information better. 

2. Onboarding

Successful onboarding processes improve productivity levels and employee retention. By including videos in the process, you can swiftly share information in an engaging way. It is also a very helpful medium when welcoming remote workers.

3. Social media content

Social media is the primary space to share video content with your audiences. Package clips of content for each of the platforms to increase your engagement levels and grow your accounts. Find creative ways to display your content in video form. 

4. Commercials

Depending on the type of business you have, TV commercials are still a powerful way of reaching mass audiences, building trust and fostering brand recognition. In these cases, producing video that is suited to the medium can be highly beneficial. 

5. Shoppable content

One of the latest trends within the video industry is the ability to create shoppable video content. This allows viewers to interact with what they’re watching by pausing, tapping, and being able to shop the product they’re seeing instantaneously. 

6. Event coverage

To get even more out of the events you host and attend, your business needs to be recording. Whether its live streams or clips to package and share afterwards, it allows audiences to feel part of the action albeit virtually. 

7. Corporate branding

Videos are a great medium for branding purposes. It allows you to tell the story of your brand and take viewers on a journey, whether it takes them to the origin or to the people that make your business what it is. 

8. Repurposing content

Since videos are multi-purpose, your business should explore multiple ways to share this kind of content. For example, finding different angles to cover the same topic, or including the process, the final product and the reception of a product launch. 

9. Email marketing

Videos can be used to boost other digital marketing forms. A prime example of this is email marketing. Including a video can entice viewers when they open the mail and can be used to share brief bits of content like an update, a celebratory clip, or an invitation. 

10. Animations

Animated content can take on various forms, from hand drawn graphics to explain a content, or cartoon-like characters that represent your brand to explain processes or concepts, to be used either internally to your team or externally for your customers. 

11. Video strategy

Video production begins with strategy. This is the plan of action that sets everything else in motion, so it's important not to gloss over this step. Using this can help your business to make the most of its video content. 

12. Insights from metrics

When you share video content, it is important to keep track of its performance. These metrics can provide you with helpful insights to help improve your marketing strategies and provide you with information relating to your audiences viewing habits and preferences. 

13. Advertising

Videos are great for advertising purposes since they are highly engaging. These can be shared across social media platforms in order to increase your exposure in the medium that is preferred by audiences. 

14. Sharing user generated content (UGC)

Instead of simply reposting UGC, you can get creative with it using video content. This is a great way to feature posts as a collection, meaning you reap the rewards of sharing UGC, without overwhelming your followers with reposts. 

15. Behind-the-scenes snippets

People love to see the essence of your brand. Sharing behind the scenes looks can let them in on insider exclusives. This can help in building trust in your brand, as well as building anticipation for launches and releases. 

16. Demonstrations

Many people prefer to watch videos instead of reading manuals to learn how to operate a product. This is also helpful for your employees, as a quick video on how to perform a task or action can save time and present a quick solution to follow. 

17. Updates

Whenever your business has a news or an update to share, consider using a video to deliver the message. It can be a quick and fun way to get the necessary information across.

18. Question and answer sessions

Anytime you need to do a Q&A, you can use videos to make it more interactive and personable. These can be fun for audiences to watch and learn, and likewise for new employees to learn more about your business.  

19. Ephemeral content

Ephemeral content is a fancy way of saying content marketing via posts to your Story which has a short lifespan for marketing. This is a great way to keep audiences engaged and reminded of your brand.

20. Testimonials

Getting testimonials, whether its from previous employees or your customers is a valuable asset for businesses to have. Getting this in video form is a great way to share this with others too. 

21. Company culture

There is no better way to share your company culture than through video. It takes people inside the business and introduces them to the people who work there. This is great to include for your employer branding strategy. 

22. Vlogs

For a more casual and personable approach, you can share your brand journey using vlogs. You can also encourage the influencers you work with to do this, as it creates ongoing video content for your business. 

23. Webinars

Webinars have become an important part of marketing mixes. Whether you host one on occasion or a regular series, this video content is a great way to bring people into the world of your business. 

24. Presentations

When you need to share presentations, a traditional slideshow can fall flat. Videos are a great way to present information and content, so consider this as your medium of choice for the next one.

25. Live streaming

There is no greater way to bring your followers in on the action than to stream it live. There are various social media platforms that allow for this, so be sure to capitalise on it! You can also plan these in advance and build up momentum for them. 

Video Production for Your Business

There you have it - a whopping 25 ways that your business can use (and benefit from) video content. Video is appropriate in a variety of contexts and to take advantage of this medium’s versatility, you should build a video content strategy. It’ll increase your brand’s visibility and keep your audience satisfied with high-quality engaging content.

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