10 Ways to Improve Your Glassdoor Rating

authorShannon Correia dateJuly 16, 2021

Glassdoor is a recruitment platform where companies can be reviewed and rated by employees. Candidates refer to these ratings as they provide insight into the working culture and environment of a company. It affects your company’s reputation and employer brand, so their importance cannot be overlooked. Here’s a guide on 10 steps you can take to improve your Glassdoor rating. 

Glassdoor Ratings

Glassdoor ratings are multifaceted. They are calculated based on recent feedback received from employees. The algorithm places more weight on newer reviews so that the ratings are reflective of relevant experiences at the time. The reviews are visible on the Overview and Reviews tabs on a company profile. They’re also shown in company searches and job seeker emails. 

The rating will show the overall rating based on approved reviews. The turnaround time for ratings to affect scores is around seven days. These can sometimes be categorized into full and part-time workers and workers in certain locations to provide accounts that are pertinent to a particular candidate based on the filters they select. 

Companies are rated on a 5-point scale, showcasing the level of satisfaction of employees, namely:

  • 0.00 - 1.50 "Very Dissatisfied"
  • 1.51 - 2.50 "Dissatisfied"
  • 2.51 - 3.50 "OK"
  • 3.51 - 4.00 "Satisfied"
  • 4.01 - 5.00 "Very Satisfied”

Having a positive rating reflects well on companies who can then expect to attract top-tier talent during new employee recruitment.

10 Ways to Improve Your Rating

Improving your rating on Glassdoor requires work to be done - you’ve got to have satisfied employees. This is a platform that prides itself on being authentic and credible, with the average company score being 3.2. Once you have an Employer Account (it’s free), you can access the reviews for your company, respond, flag where necessary, and access performance analytics relating to your page. 

  • 1. Conduct a Glassdoor Review Audit

You need to examine your existing reviews, taking an approach of positivity and optimism. This information will help you to identify current sentiments and provide you with a starting point. If your company doesn’t have any reviews yet, then you have the benefit of beginning with a clean slate.

  • 2. Set a Goal

Set a goal with your HR team about the kind of rating you’d like to see on your Glassdoor page. This will collectively set the direction and alert all employees as to your goals of making your rating reflective of the working environment. 

  • 3. Encourage Employees to Review 

Employees need to be reviewing your company and there is no harm in encouraging them to do so. This will circulate current reviews, with positive experiences boosting your ratings. It should go without saying that incentives to do so are unacceptable. It is advised to send reminders instead, making it part of your operations for newbies or work anniversaries. This will also ensure that your reviews are current, instead of just showcasing the opinions of ex-employees with a potential ax to grind. 

  • 4. Respond to Negative Reviews

Giving a personal response to all reviews is a must, and this applies to the negative ones as well. People will be looking to see how you respond to these and what you do with the feedback. Let it fuel you to improve with an active approach. 

  • 5. Develop Your Employer Brand

By improving the workplace culture and environment, you’ll be improving employee satisfaction, and thus increasing your Glassdoor rating. Be sure to welcome new employees with an effective onboarding system and encourage an overall positive company culture. It’s about creating a workspace that people want to share with others. 

  • 6. Team up HR with Marketing

Marketing teams need to work with HR to develop a promotional campaign for your employer brand. This will help to manage your company’s reputation online, including on Glassdoor. 

  • 7. Don’t Fake Reviews

Some companies have forced people to submit positive reviews, or create fake reviews. These are easy to spot and once uncovered can cause a lot of harm to your reputation as a company. 

  • 8. Make Internal Improvements

Your company may need to improve upon certain elements. For instance, taking steps to improve work-life balance, or helping remote workers to succeed.

  • 9. Build Your Glassdoor Profile

Ensure your Glassdoor profile is fully filled out with all of the relevant information about your company. This shows an active and invested approach to the platform. You can share content with people, letting your videos and photos help to showcase the company culture and benefits of working for your company. 

  • 10. Repeat and Review

Optimize your profile and content, and continually review your ratings to ensure you’re responding to all feedback received. Staying active will ensure you’re able to build upon positive reviews and improve them over time. 

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The Importance of Having Positive Glassdoor Ratings

Glassdoor ratings matter - they can attract and deter candidates from working at your company. There are many ways to improve your rating, and this needs to be a focal point for HR teams. With the 10 points mentioned above in mind, you can develop an effective Glassdoor strategy for your company. 

The benefits of improving your HR are paramount to business success. Book a meeting with us at Nexa to develop a winning strategy that’ll attract the best talent, help you retain it, and encourage people to share about it on the likes of Glassdoor.