25 Digital Marketing Manager Interview Questions and Answers for 2022

authorShannon Correia dateApril 15, 2021

As a digital marketing manager, you hold a position that can make or break a business. It’s for this reason that you can expect some hard-hitting questions during your interview. We’ve got a guide on how to answer them so that you can be on your way to being hired for this ever-important role in 2022. 

q&a hiring digital marketing manager

Hiring a Digital Marketing Manager

By the time you reach the formal interview process, CVs will have been screened and initial interview questions via phone or email may have been conducted. When it comes to positions like digital marketing managers where a creative element is involved, the applicant may also have been required to submit a project or test. 

The actual interview will consist of some standard questions - the strengths and weakness, past positions and future goals, and so on. There will, however, be specific questions asked to illustrate your interview prep, knowledge, and capabilities. Since digital marketing is continually evolving with new skills and requirements needed, these questions change each year. Here’s what to expect in 2022. 

25 Interview Q&As for a Digital Marketing Manager

Q1: How would you describe our marketing strategy?

A: Show that you know marketing strategies inside out by analyzing the company’s marketing efforts step by step. Your researching skills and approach to marketing are being assessed with this question. 

Q2: Do you have experience in social media marketing?

A: Social media is one of the key elements of digital marketing today. The manager will need to have a firm grasp on this and have experience with it, even if it’s merely through advertising. 

Q3: What do you consider to be great content?

A: Content marketing is another prime part of digital marketing today. The interviewer will be looking at your attitude towards this type of marketing - in other words, if you understand the importance of it especially in the long term, and how you ensure you’re creating and publishing content of high standards. 

Q4: How do you stay up to date with digital marketing?

A: Experience and knowledge are great, but you’ve got to continually be learning in the field of digital marketing. Show your efforts to keep your skillset updated and where you find out about the latest news and trends. Examples of this are conferences, courses, and reading material. 

Q5: What is your take on email marketing?

A: Email marketing is a vital part of digital marketing campaigns and your answer will need to show that you know this. Mention what a great email campaign looks like and the levels of success you can achieve with this tactic.

Q6: What is your digital marketing strong suit?

A: Since digital marketing is multi-faceted, there are bound to be particular parts of it that you excel in. Ideally, these will match the marketing efforts that the business focuses on. Give an overview of your strengths and then outline your specializations. 

Q7: Which brand has your favorite marketing campaign at the moment?

A: Show your ability to appreciate different types of marketing and show that you’re ‘in the know’ about current campaigns that are doing well. Importantly, you’ll also need to include what makes them your favorite. 

Q8: What has your best marketing campaign been and why?

A: This goes back to your experience and portfolio - you’re showcasing the best of your abilities to date. Take the interviewer through the campaign, highlighting what made it stand out and successful. 

Q9: Which campaign have you worked on that was your least favorite?

A: Reflect on a campaign that was not particularly successful and shows that you understand the reasoning for this, from the accountability aspect to the turning point and what you’ve learned from this experience for the future. 

Q10: How do you manage to pitching and presenting ideas to top-level management?

A: In this question, they want to see your ability to stand in front of the execs, present, and persuade them as to why they need to be on board with your campaign.

Q11: Do you have experience working with or in other departments in a business?

A: Many businesses have begun using customer relationship management systems, where different departments are required to work together. Having diverse experience in other areas can be handy (even if it was a part-time job in college). If you don’t, you can mention how you’ve worked with other departments before.

Q12: Which tools do you use to measure digital marketing performance?

A: There are many platforms available to marketers, from Google Analytics to Adobe Analytics. The interviewer will be looking for your knowledge of these platforms and whether you’re a stickler with the numbers.

Q13: How would you spend a limited marketing budget?

A: When businesses are strapped for cash, marketing budgets often face cuts, so this tests your ability to make do with a little. Show an approach that’ll get your results by focusing on what you think is most important at such a time.

Q14: How would you spend a large marketing budget?

A: The goal is always to get the greatest returns on your investment, so be sure to touch on the types of marketing you’d spend this on and justify it. Show your thinking process and knowledge of what works. 

Q15: Which digital marketing trends have caught your eye?

A: Discuss a trend you’re excited about. They want to know what it can mean for the future and show what you’re passionate about. 

Q16: What does optimization mean to you today?

A: The interviewer is asking about your in-depth knowledge of optimization, as well as your knowledge of the best practices across the different types of marketing. 

Q17: What would you change about our marketing?

A: Make mention of an aspect that you feel isn’t working as well as it could and what you would do to improve it. 

Q18: Do you feel our marketing team is missing out on any opportunities?

A: Give an honest answer - missed opportunities could be a social media platform, or the personalization of email newsletters, for example. 

Q19: What is your philosophy when it comes to digital marketing?

A: This answer is varied, but it should showcase your approach and focus, for example, believing in the power of inbound marketing

Q20: Do you have experience with marketing automation?

A: This may or may not be a requirement for the position, but it is designed to make your job easier and improve results. Showcase your willingness to learn if you don’t have this experience yet. 

Q21: How do you handle negative feedback?

A: This answer could be related to internal feedback from your team or execs, or from customers who engage with your marketing. Discuss your approach and show you can handle constructive criticism. 

Q22: What challenges do digital marketers face today?

A: Mention an industry-wide issue and discuss the ways in which you are prepared to deal with it. 

Q23: Why should we hire you?

A: Discuss your very own USP - what makes you stand out from the other applicants with similar qualifications and motivations. 

Q24: How do you build buyer personas?

A: Show your process when gathering data and how you transform this into buyer personas for your marketing team. The interviewer will also want to make sure that you understand the value of these in your strategy. 

Q25: How do you encourage customer feedback?

A: Mention ways that you can ask for feedback with each type of marketing, and why this exercise is important for bettering your marketing efforts and understanding. 

The Final Word

Getting an interview for a role as Digital Marketing Manager is exciting! Be sure to give yourself the best shot by preparing to answer each of the 25 questions listed above. We hope that our tips for answering these will help you land your dream job in 2022.