5 businesses in Dubai that have flourished since the start of COVID-19

Shannon Correia November 11, 2020

COVID-19 was the disaster the world didn’t see coming and one which has caused havoc among many businesses. That said, some businesses have managed to flourish during these times of difficulty. These are the top 5 examples in Dubai, from what they’re all about to how they managed to weather the storm and what we can learn from them. 


  • Bio: Contractors.Direct is an online market place for residential and commercial fit-out companies. Visitors to the site can search and connect with over a hundred pre-qualified constructors, renovators and contractors. This saves people time and streamlines the researching process. 
  • Surviving the pandemic: This service has flourished during COVID-19 as it takes the hassle out of qualifying workers, with the entire process of selecting and working with people to assist with your project can be done online. This means that your safety is ensured while searching, without having to conduct any face-to-face meetings.
  • Lessons learnt: From Contractors.direct, we see how helpful online tools can be in creating connections between businesses. This is changing the way typical business relations are conducted in the Middle East, which is often based on networking and personal meetings. By becoming visible in community marketplaces, your business can reach more people in a way that is both safe and convenient.


  • Bio: Resident Deal is a website that takes the intensive part of the planning and researching a holiday out of the equation. Rather than having to scour the internet to compare holiday deals, you can find them all in one place, categorised according to the kind of vacation you’re after. 
  • Surviving the pandemic: The reason this works so well during this time is that it caters to residents of the UAE. With lockdown measures in place, there is a focus on staycation holidays as people travel less internationally. This site also appeals to those who are trying to save money in the process, bringing together the best rates from various hospitality groups. 
  • Lessons learnt: Businesses need to have an adaptive response in times of crisis. By changing direction and aiming to meet the needs of new audiences, you can open yourself up to new opportunities. In this case, we see various hospitality offers, with new takes on tourism that can see your business succeed during unprecedented times. 


  • Bio: Pipeline Business Growth Services specialises in lead generation with the primary goal of driving sales for enterprise B2B businesses. They offer their clients new, highly effective ways to reach audiences using a combination of digital marketing strategies and telesales or telemarketing.  Pipeline is ideally positioned to take advantage of the shift towards digital sales.
  • Surviving the pandemic: Many businesses have had to shift more of their business online as lockdowns came into effect. Without having a solidly established presence online before and having to make businesses prominent in their reach and appeal to target audiences, Pipeline Solutions have offered the most valuable assets in digital marketing currency: leads. 
  • Lessons learnt:  The power of online sales stems from leads. You need a strategy in place to generate leads and nurture them as they move with your business. With this and an adaptive agency at the helm, you can meet your audiences in new ways, from new virtual spaces. 

GAC International Moving 

  • Bio: GAC is a large relocation business, moving personal belongings between regions and continents.  Their team packs and relocates all of your things, with an international reach that could help you move in the Middle East, U.S or U.K.
  • Surviving the pandemic: During times of crisis, the one thing that remains constant is change. With lockdowns and businesses moving online, many people have lost their jobs or relocated back to their home countries. GAC facilitates this process as it is deemed an essential service, with all of the necessary health and safety precautions in place.
  • Lessons learnt: Some businesses remain a core service. Whether yours is an essential service or not, you can reestablish your brand’s offering to meet the needs of the moment. When conducting business during difficult times, it is also essential to meet the highest possible precautionary standards to ensure your customers remain safe.

Savory & Partners 

  • Bio: Savory & Partners allows people to apply for second citizenship through residency or investment. This is provided speedily and legally with little to no residency requirements. It appeals to the desire of becoming global citizens who can travel freely without visa requirements, attaining the safety benefits of having a footing in another country and the financial flexibility that comes with such options. 
  • Surviving the pandemic: With travel becoming increasingly difficult due to COVID-19 precautions, the demand for secondary passports has increased. Savory & Partners can meet this need by providing access to many highly desirable countries. 
  • Lessons learnt: There is an opportunity to provide people with two things that seem improbable during a pandemic: travel and safety. By tapping into the needs of citizens and helping them reach their ideal future, you can succeed in gaining profit and assisting people in changing their lives for the better. The key is in tapping into underlying aspirations and finding ways to satisfy them, whether that is for the family man, the businessman or frequent traveller. 

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That wraps up our article on 5 of Dubai's top businesses that have flourished amid the COVID-19 pandemic. 

We’d love to hear your thoughts about these businesses and how your business has managed to stay afloat. If you’d like Nexa to guide your business through these times of trouble and impending recession, book a session with us.  Or if you feel as if we've missed a business out, feel free to share that with us!