5 Uses Cases for Businesses in the Metaverse

authorCaryn Oram dateJanuary 09, 2023

Businesses in MetaverseWhile the metaverse and its potential uses are still new and, in some cases, relatively unchartered, businesses are beginning to realise that it offers a goldmine of opportunity. The immersive virtual worlds of the metaverse mean customers can engage with businesses in a new way that will take customer experience to a different level.

How many websites have you navigated a virtual tour on? You’re looking for a space of some sort, a new office, an events venue, a school or university. And on that facility’s website, they offer a virtual tour so customers can get a sense of the facility. Now, imagine you could take that tour without the barrier of your computer screen in the way. Instead, you could actually walk inside that facility. In a business that utilises metaverse capabilities, you would be able to do just that. And this immersive concept can extend far beyond just making virtual tours more “virtual.” Let’s take a look at five use cases for businesses in the metaverse.

  1. Customer engagement

Of course, a whole new layer of business interaction lends itself to a new, perhaps previously unreached, section of consumers. As the metaverse at large gains more traction, public interest and curiosity continue to expand. Naturally, the more tech-savvy will be the primary audience target for businesses moving into the metaverse, but while this may seem limited, remember that your international customer base stands to grow even stronger when consumers are not relying on pictures and videos of your product alone. Regardless of location, in the metaverse, your customer can handle or experience that product in a far more direct manner. It cuts both ways too. Businesses with a more “traditional”, in-person customer base can now attract those who prefer to shop online, a segment of the public that may have previously been beyond that business’ reach.

  1. Sales demos

A metaverse business experience effectively marries the convenience of online shopping with the practicality of in-person shopping. This is a substantial shortcut for businesses where sales require demos before a customer is likely to make a purchase. As mentioned, in a virtual setting, the customer can interact more directly with the product, getting an idea of how it works far more effectively than gauging based on Web2-type content; review videos, for example.

  1. Client onboarding

Businesses are able to create private or restricted-access metaverses, which can be utilised to create exclusive spaces for clients. Again, metaverse technology can take the in-person dynamic of a client meeting and make it virtual, bypassing the Web2 solutions of video calls or live online presentations. The opportunities are vast. For example, if your business provides any kind of personalised dashboard to the client, this can be adapted into a metaverse setting that provides a more hands-on feel to whatever monitoring the client has access to.

  1. Employee onboarding

The virtual setting provided by the metaverse can apply to employee onboarding in the same way it can to client onboarding, particularly in terms of creating an in-person feel and avoiding video call-type methods.

  1. Employee training and engagement

In addition to onboarding, businesses can use metaverses to continue with training and general engagement with employees. This is extremely useful in a post-pandemic world in which remote and hybrid working has become increasingly attractive to both businesses and employees. Convenience aside, this setting can also encourage employees to participate in team spaces and feel less shy, which is sometimes the case in larger organisations.

Without a doubt, businesses can get extremely creative with how they integrate the metaverse into their overall strategy. There are numerous possibilities, and forward-thinking organisations are optimising what this new technology has to offer. With opportunities to extend your reach and capability further than ever before, expanding your business into the metaverse is a strategy you should definitely consider. This is something NEXA has the tools and services to assist you with. Get in touch with us to find out more about our Web3 and metaverse strategy.