Arabic Digital Marketing Agency in Dubai - How to Select the Best

Shannon Correia November 27, 2020

Digital marketing is one of Dubai's most prominent sectors within the marketing and advertising industry. The agencies based here represent a gateway for businesses to reach the GCC and MENA regions and in turn, reach a young and dynamic, digitally native audience.  Herein lies excellent opportunities among Arabic audiences for many businesses irrespective of their location. Here's how to select the best Arabic Digital Marketing agency to work with to establish your brand in these markets.

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How to select the best agency in Dubai

Step 1

In this article, we're addressing two key areas of interest: digital marketing and the Arabic language, which need to be provided in conjunction with one another. This is to say that the Arabic Digital Marketing Agency you work with should specialize in both, rather than providing services in English to be translated for a duplicate site later. This is because Arabic can be translated into various dialects and styles, making it a complex language. For this reason, it is essential to create original content in Arabic, in line with your marketing strategy.

Step 2

Dubai is a smart city; hence businesses find their geographic location to be of particular interest. Being situated in a digital-first environment, agencies based in Dubai have the benefit of being at the cutting edge of the latest technology and digital marketing. Often, working with an Arabic Digital Marketing Agency here gears a business up to reach the GCC and MENA regions with ease. Ensure the agency you work with has links in these countries for added insight and knowledge, as these countries are incredibly diverse and require localized insights.

Step 3

Working with an Arabic Digital Marketing Agency, you will have the expertise of linguists for the copy, as well as all of the know-how when it comes to marketing channels and messaging. When reviewing your agency options, consider your business needs and the agency's portfolio to see if your brand aligns with their abilities. By ensuring they have experience in your industry or niche, you can rest assured they have a much-needed understanding of the marketplace and what your business needs to maintain a competitive advantage.

Step 4

Consider your internal business needs. While this will be fleshed out when in talks with the Arabic Digital Marketing Agency, you should have an idea of the marketing needs - for instance, you may need to develop one seasonal campaign, or you may need a full-scale launch of a brand. This will require different skills, resources and budgets, especially within an Arabic context. On an intangible level, ensure your workplace culture is clearly defined so that the values you seek in a partner agency are matched.

Step 5

Speaking of agency resources, assess what they have to work with. For instance, are they partners with technology providers, search or social media platforms that could benefit your business? Having adequate staff and support will be necessary when dealing with Arabic content, as translations may be necessary on an ongoing basis. Language barriers should not impede their ability to reach audiences and generate leads. By having Arabic speaking staff on an ongoing basis, you can provide more than messages to your audiences - rather, inviting engagements and interactions.

Step 6

When you have narrowed down your options, hold a meeting with your top Arabic Digital Marketing Agency selections. Get a better idea of precisely what they envision for your brand. You will be able to judge their plans for your business, as well as the forecasted returns. At this stage, ensure that you are happy with the strategy and approach - for instance, do they follow a performance-based model? Will they be focusing on optimization or advertising more? What are the proposed means of getting conversions? All of these factors will affect your brand's perception, reach and marketing budget. This is the time to discuss such matters, coming to favourable agreements that meet your business's needs and expectations.

How an Arabic digital marketing agency can help you define your target audience

When it comes to digital marketing, in any language, there are prevalent methods of reaching and engaging your targeted audiences. That includes the following main aspects of digital marketing, all of which have specific needs in the Arabic context:

  • Social Media: Consider whether you will have translations in Arabic or fully Arabic social media channels. Conducting thorough research will inform your target market identification, the kind of content that is appropriate to post and the kind of user-generated content you can expect to earn.
  • Email Marketing: Email marketing is an effective way to communicate with your leads. The language offering in Arabic can appeal to the desire of shoppers to shop in their language. They will also feel this adds value, which is beneficial to your business.
  • Search Engine Marketing: Paid search ads are marketing means to increase your reach. However, since there are limited numbers of Arabic content online, Arabic search engine optimization may be sufficient for your business to rank high organically.
  • Website: Your website should support Arabic text, both from a design and functionality perspective. It is best to have a specific URL. The digital agency you work with may need to provide you with a website refresh or overhaul.

By following the step-by-step guide above, your business will be able to identify the best Arabic Digital Marketing Agency to work with. With these guidelines in place, you'll be able to reach the market efficiently and effectively, unlocking the wealth of opportunity that exists in Arabic market spaces.

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