Arabic HubSpot Agency - Getting Started with the Platform

authorShannon Correia dateNovember 24, 2020

HubSpot is a software solution that provides a highly effective operating system for thousands of businesses around the world. When targeting an Arabic-speaking population, working with an agency that can help you get started with this CRM platform and provide you with digital marketing in Arabic. With this, your business will be all set for achieving success in this market.

Getting Started with the HubSpot Platform

HubSpot is a system in which all of your business's departments operate from the same centralised platform. This provides a collaborative flow of information geared towards growing your business and providing customers with a seamless experience. With this system in place, you can operate your business with three main focuses, namely marketing, sales and customer service.

The software is scalable, with templates to get you started and tools available in package options when you upgrade. HubSpot develops and facilitates relationships between businesses and customers by managing the organisation, tracking and creating these connections. In other words, you'll be able to enter the Arabic market in a way that attracts and retains customers.

HubSpot's tools make the management of tasks and data simple and automated, which are benefits that boost your productivity and insights, as well as relays there to your customers. With this technology backing your website, your customers are greeted by your business's offers in a user-friendly design that is designed to meet their needs and foster a relationship with them.

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An Arabic HubSpot Agency

HubSpot is offered in several languages and while the platform is not yet translated and offered in Arabic email marketing, landing pages, website templates and many other features can be transmitted or published in Arabic.  Unfortunately, some aspects of HubSpot (from a user perspective) are not offered in Arabic such as HubSpot Academy and client support. These language barriers can impede on the ability of a business to make the most out of this revolutionary software. The solution to this is working with an agency who is familiar with the platform can help you in navigating the system.

We at Nexa are a digital marketing agency based in the UAE's city of gold, Dubai. We are HubSpot's only diamond-badge-color-1Diamond Partner Agency for the GCC region, using this CRM software in conjunction with digital marketing to elevate the success of various businesses. With this partnership, we offer clients fully integrated systems. We too use the power of HubSpot for our agency services, with a stellar track record and portfolio to show for it.  We have vast experience in publishing Arabic content and running Arabic campaigns using the HubSpot platform.

Working with Nexa puts you in a prime position to achieve success in the MENA markets. With our team of experts, we can create all of your marketing resources, including advertising, design and content creation. Nexa also works on Arabic translations, which is a valuable resource for businesses entering into these markets.

Reasons to Use HubSpot for Arabic Audiences

Since HubSpot has powerful analytical capabilities, it makes it the perfect software to use in the Arabic markets. This is because there are diverse target markets within Arabic speaking countries, which need to be thoroughly understood and catered to by businesses to be successful. HubSpot can help you learn about your visitors, leads and customers at meticulous levels of depth. With this software, you'll be able to master localisation, which is arguable the key to finding success in the MENA region.

HubSpot also powers businesses by offering SEO guidance. This can be incredibly helpful, especially in the Arabic context. With low levels of competition, businesses can promote themselves with high organic reach and traffic by mastering their SEO. An agency assists with this to ensure that optimisation is a strategy woven into all content produced for your website. This, along with its mobile-friendly adaptability, makes HubSpot an excellent platform for businesses entering Arabic markets.

Online shopping is still emerging in the MENA region, with strong indications of projected growth. For this reason, many businesses are turning to digital marketing and eCommerce. HubSpot helps eCommerce businesses and can facilitate both of these measures, with hundreds of supported apps. There are also many automation tools available, which can help guide your visitors along the sales funnel on an individual basis. This is incredibly helpful, as customers will seek guidance when adapting to new methods of buying or opening up to new brands.

HubSpot will manage your customer relationships, from attracting visitors to your website and winning them over with stellar first impressionism to prospecting them with your offers and valuable offerings. Once they become customers, HubSpot encourages continued business transactions through positive experiences.

Nexa supplements the HubSpot system above with marketing strategy and expertise in the Arabic language. With this, we can convey best the messages you want to share with your audience, without the fear of unintended meanings, poor translations or grammatical errors. We also have designers who can build your website in a way that is simple and easy to understand for your Arabic customers.

For the most effective way of managing your customer relationships, you need to use a robust CRM system. HubSpot has proven its role as being the best platform for businesses. It supports the various ways businesses need to reach the Arabic market. The best place to start is with an agency whom you can call your partner.

Work with an Award-Winning HubSpot Partner

Book a consultation with us at Nexa to get started. We have over 15 years of experience of expertise in digital marketing in Arabic markets.