Arabic Social Media Agency in Dubai - How to get Started

Shannon Correia November 22, 2020

When targeting audiences who speak Arabic, you'll need to speak the same language as them. Working with an Arabic social media agency in Dubai can provide you with all of your social media marketing needs, from content creation to channel management. Here's how to get started on your campaign - Yalla (let's go).

Does your business need a Arabic Social Media Agency?

A collection of recent studies show that social media usage in Arab countries is higher than global averages. Most people have smartphones, use the internet daily and social media, specifically for almost three hours per day. This applies to the youth markets too. However, the usage of social media varies widely from country to country. There are indications that social media usage continues to grow, and is becoming the source of news for many youths.

The GCC and MENA regions are home to most Arabic speaking countries, and the changes between them are a result of government restrictions, internet connections and differing cultures. It is for this reason that marketers need to have a deep understanding of their target market to reach them effectively.

According to a report titled "Social media in the Middle East: 2019 in review," there are various interesting stats to take note of. Egypt, for instance, uses Facebook heavily, while Qatar does not. Parents turn to YouTube for parenting advice and kids content. Millennials also report watching YouTube daily. Snapchat is one of the leading social media platforms, with Saudi Arabia being the fifth largest market for the app in the world. 

However, Arabic is still becoming the chosen language since there has been a gap in the market for Arabic content online. Arabic users represent significant portions of social media users; however, which is why businesses are turning to digital social media agencies to reach these markets better. According to a report by Professor Damian Radcliffe of the University of Oregon in conjunction with PhD student Hadil Abuhmaid, "Women's presence on Social Media is alarmingly low; it currently stands at one woman for every two men. The lack of participation in digital platforms from females will make it increasingly difficult to reach a balanced audience."

Arabic Social Media for Dubai Businesses

Dubai is one of the world's most connected cities in terms of social media, and geographically speaking, it is a point of entry into many other Arabic speaking nations. Social media platforms continue to become increasingly business-friendly, with social media shopping expected to become available in Dubai soon. These are some of the most critical social media facts, according to HubSpot:

  • 73% of marketers use social media for marketing a business effectively
  • 54% of social media users use the platforms for product research before making a purchase
  • Social media usage in Dubai is almost at full capacity
  • 71% of people who have a positive experience with a brand will recommend it to others in their social media networks

social media in arabic

There's more to Arabic Social Media than just translation

While HubSpot's data is valid and provides some clear insights, it's important to also understand that Arabic Social Media isn't simply a case of translating English content into Arabic and posting the new content on the same platforms.  

Arabic social media audiences behave very differently with social media platforms than other cultures.  In some respects, the Arabic audience is highly innovative and adoption of new platforms is often at a much faster pace in the Middle East / GCC regions than in other parts of the world.  Snapchat were the first to recognise this and placed high priority in the Saudi Arabian market due to the platform achieving incredibly high penetration and adoption rates from Saudi nationals.

In addition, the way that the Arabic audience interacts, engages and makes purchases online from social media platforms is also noteworthy and must be taken into consideration.  For example, businesses that understand this and allow audiences to transition a social media enquiry into chat-based platforms such as Whatsapp have seen enormous success in the form of increased conversions and of course, revenue.

It's insights like these that help businesses and working with a Arabic Social Media agency in Dubai can be the difference between success and failure from marketing using social channels.

Get Started with an Arabic Social Media Agency in Dubai

Working with an agency means you'll get the expertise of marketing and the Arabic language. The content produced and shared needs to be appropriate and match the dialect of your audience. Furthermore, agencies can manage your Arabic communities by engaging with them, which is key in social media marketing.

The goals of social media marketing in Arabic can be summarized as follows:

  • Awareness: Increasing your brand's reach and visibility both organically and through advertising to the Arabic speaking markets.
  • Leads: Generating interest in your brand, which results in leads for the business.
  • Trust and authority: Establishing credibility and positive perceptions regarding your brand among audiences.
  • Customer service: Providing customer service and a communication touchpoint for your target market to engage with your brand in their mother tongue.
  • Promotion: Promoting your brand to your market, whether that is done indirectly or through paid advertisements or influencers.

Arabic Social Media agencies in Dubai often offer their services as a package deal. This includes services to meet your needs and can be renewed on an ongoing basis. Social media packages consist of the following:

  • Strategy: Goal setting, as well as target market research for persona profiles and a competitor analysis.
  • Conceptualisation: Designing campaigns for lead generation purposes and tailoring content plans to suit the selected platforms.
  • Content creation: Creating visuals and texts to share, which should include video in a multi-medium approach. Social media content can be longstanding or temporary and should be captivating and creative.
  • Publishing: Sharing the content, often using automated tools for improved efficiency.
  • Community management: Engaging audiences and building relationships with them.
  • Reporting: Analysis of your returns, as well as KPIs for your goals and patterns. You can opt for translations on the reporting side if need be.

Effective marketing to Arabic speaking audiences requires social media marketing. By working with an agency who knows the markets, your brand can create and share relevant and engaging Arabic content. This will boost your overall marketing and business revenue.

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