Best Marketing Podcasts to Listen to

Shannon Correia June 22, 2021

If you have an interest in the marketing industry or you work within the field, you can gain valuable insights by tuning into the world’s best marketing podcasts. In this article, we’ll be sharing our top picks for podcasts that you should listen to, joining in on a community of experts discussing all things marketing.

The Best Marketing Podcasts

best marketing podcasts

Scale or Die

Growth strategies dominate this podcast show. It covers a range of marketing techniques, from funnels and conversions to branding and social media advertising. 

The Blog Millionaire

This marketing podcast series is all about marketing techniques, delivered in weekly instalments. Listen in for information about all sorts of content marketing, from blogging to social media and email marketing, and, of course, SEO. 

Perpetual Traffic 

Digital Marketer is in the know with regard to developments in digital marketing. This podcast discusses different strategies and case studies that listeners can learn from. These episodes dive into topics designed to improve your marketing and overall traffic as a brand. 

Hidden Brain

For an economics-meets-psychological approach, give the Hidden Brain podcast a listen. They discuss consumer patterns and behaviours through storytelling examples, giving listeners the skills they need to tap into the human psyche with their marketing efforts. 

Growth Everywhere

In this podcast series, you’ll hear about specific marketing techniques episodically, geared towards the ultimate goal of achieving business growth. 

The Art of Paid Traffic

Rick Mulready is a podcasting Stewart who taps into marketing mindsets. Listen in for tips on how to use specific strategies designed to broaden your reach among audiences and direct traffic to your site. 

Marketing Schools

Neil Patel teams up with Eric Sui to provide short bursts of information, whether it's about tactics, tools, or marketing insights. You can look forward to a new mini-episode that really packs a punch on a daily basis. 

Digital Analytics Power Hour

If you were to supplement your knowledge in one area, analytics is a wise choice. This podcast tackles the analytical side of marketing, covering topics like A/B testing and statistics. It’s a great introduction that makes sure you’re covering your bases for optimal results from your marketing efforts. 

Marketing Over Coffee Podcast

A weekly installment where listeners tune in to a marketing discussion taking place over coffee. It lasts as long as enjoying your freshly brewed cup would and provides you with an informal industry update - much like an informative water cooler catch-up.

Behind the Numbers

In this podcast by eMarketer, you’ll learn all about the analytical side of marketing and how this affects businesses. The episode includes interviews and reports that help put marketing into context. 

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Examiner produces this self-explanatory podcast on a weekly basis. It features interviews with industry professionals discussing topical issues and providing listens with advice regarding all sorts of social media marketing. 

Copyblogger FM

A short-form marketing podcast that covers emerging trends, disasters, and best practices in marketing. Expect different formats that give advice and case studies, plus rants and insights about content and strategies. 

EDGE Of The Web

This is your go-to podcast to learn about SEO. Industry leaders are featured, discussing tactics and strategies to support marketing campaigns. Host Erin Sparks unpacks optimization in a way that’s easy to understand.

Authority Hacker

This podcast tackles SEO, link building, and affiliate marketing. The episodes are packed with tips that have been tried and tested, along with their experiences in marketing - both the good and bad. 

Everyone Hates Marketers

This podcast covers everything from marketing to branding, content, and psychology that influences and affects consumers. Guests on the show provide insights on how to do marketing in accordance with best practices. 

Demand Gen Chat

Marketers in the B2B sector, this one’s for you: Emil Shour helps marketers by discussing lead strategies with experts. Expect topics that cover SEO, advertising, automation, sales, and growth. 

Growth Marketing Toolbox

Host Nicholas Scalice shares his marketing toolbox with audiences in this podcast. Listeners will learn all about the latest marketing technology and tools available, plus how to make the most of them. There are interferes with creators and experts too so that you can get practical strategies and insights.

The Animalz Content Podcast

Content marketers, listen up! Hosts Jimmy Daly and Jan-Erik Asplund discuss all things content-related to help you improve your strategy, support your sales teams and get a better understanding of how - and why - content marketing works. 

This Old Marketing

Another one for content marketers, produced by the Content Marketing Institute. This podcast is delivered by Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose who discuss trends and content marketing for customers from an expert perspective. 

The Empowered Marketer

In this podcast, you’ll learn about techniques geared towards growth. Expect real-world advice and interviews with industry leaders in marketing and eCommerce about audiences and building customer loyalty. 

The Agents of Change

A weekly episode dedicated to online visibility, driving traffic, and lead conversions. Marketers can learn this and more from host Rich Brooks who interviews industry leaders in SEO, social media, and mobile marketing. 

The Digital Growth Show

Hosted by Nexa’s very own Amit Vyas and Andrew Thomas. Tune in for a weekly discussion relating to business growth through first-hand experience, industry insights, and practical techniques that you can implement. 

The Wrap Up

There you have it - a comprehensive round-up of the best marketing podcasts. Listening in is not only a fun way to keep up to date on industry updates but a chance to join a network of like-minded individuals. Get in touch with us at Nexa to create and market your podcast show.