Exhibiting at Dubai Expo 2020 (2021)? Marketing services to drive awareness for your stand.

authorToni Becker dateFebruary 06, 2021

The Expo 2020 (2021) Dubai is set to be a world showcase of human achievement. From 1 October 2021 to 31 March 2022, innovation will take center stage in the buzzing metropolitan. With 6 months to inspire, collaborate and soak up knowledge, this world expo is going to be a once in a lifetime experience for forward-thinkers, innovators, knowledge seekers and expo-enthusiasts from around the globe. 

With the Expo theme being “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future,” and with its sub-themes being Opportunity, Mobility and Sustainability, the expo will be celebrating the human mind and all that it can achieve for future generations. What sets this expo apart from all other World Expo’s is that for the first time in the history of the expo, every country will have its very own pavilion to showcase its innovation and inspiration - that is 192 country pavilions. 

With so much happening at the event over a period of 6 months, exhibitors may feel overwhelmed when it comes to marketing their stand and their brand for the event. However, with modern marketing techniques and forward thinking - you have the power to drive awareness to your stand and track your success.

Let’s take a look at the best marketing services to drive awareness to your stand for the Expo 2020 (2021) Dubai.


The Best Tactics to Drive Awareness to your Expo 2020 (2021) Dubai Stand

If you are planning to exhibit your brand or business at the Expo 2020 92021) Dubai, you of course want to ensure exhibitor success. We all know that a successful stand equals a great Return on Investment (ROI) and a ROI means future success. 

When it comes to driving awareness to your stand, you need to make sure that you are actually driving quality traffic because without quality traffic you cannot expect a great return - you want your stand to drive real opportunities. When it comes to marketing your stand, you need to be doing so before, during and after the event (to ensure continued interest, lead nurturing and further brand awareness). In order to maximise opportunity you will need a mix of high quality digital marketing, Public Relations, stand design, interactive and engaging exhibits, and lead nurturing campaigns. 

So, where do you even begin? Let's take a look. 

Promoting your Exhibition Stand 

Teaser Campaigns

Teaser campaigns are a powerful tactic to build buzz before the expo. Teaser campaigns are driven by the distribution of small snippets of content over a period of time, that are created to stir intrigue and keep your target market coming back for more information. 

There are a variety of platforms you can use to launch your teaser campaigns, from your social media pages through to email marketing and website landing pages. With this content you can hint at something exciting that will be announced soon and this hint will keep your audience coming back for more and wanting to know more. 

Create Powerful, Shareable and Informative Blog Posts

Creating a blog post about your exhibit at the Expo is one of the best and simplest ways to launch your marketing strategy. In your blog you can unpack the details of the event and your stand schedule, introduce what you will be doing at your stand and write more blog articles about what you will be presenting at the event.

Not only is blogging a way to inform your audience, it also helps boost your Search Engine Optimisation presence online. With high quality content, strategic keywords and key phrases, your blogs and website in its entirety will rise up the search engine ranks - which in turn, keeps you top of mind for those actively seeking information about the expo. 

Another great aspect of blogging is that if you provide useful and relevant information, your target audience will share your blog across their platforms - helping you gain even further reach. Ensure that you have a well-planned content marketing plan in place to ensure your blog posts cover industry specific topics, expo information and thought-leader subject matter. Essentially, distribute blog content that your target audience is interested in learning more about. Make sure to share you blog posts across your social media platforms - particularly LinkedIn, as this is the ideal platform to target key accounts and industry thought leaders who will be attending the event. 

Remember, not all your blogs need to be solely about the event, they can mention the event in passing and if your audience would like to learn more, they can click through to a dedicated landing page to learn more.

Create Social Media Hype

Social media is a powerful way to to build and create hype around your exhibition stand. There are a variety of ways you can maximise social media buzz and provide insight into what attendees can expect from your stand at the event. From paid social media ads targeted to a specific audience to social media polls, blog posts and more.

Make sure to use the expo hashtag when you post to your social media profiles and tag the event itself - this will help your content reach the ideal audience and the event may just share your posts to their larger, highly targeted audience. It is vital that you engage with your audience when you post your social media content, make sure to answer their questions and interact with them as much as possible. This will make them feel a part of your brand and drive them to your stand at the event - essentially, this is a form of lead nurturing and will help you build relationships and trust.

Personalised Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing is a highly effective tool for promoting events and is also a great way to stay in touch with event attendees before and after the event. You can collect contact information through lead generation campaigns and contact existing customers or known event attendees.

Through Customer Relationship Management tools such as HubSpot, you are able to segment your contacts and send them personalised and automated emails about the event. Through email you can announce your event and build excitement, inform your audience of the expo schedule, send out information about your speakers, and send out reminders in the weeks leading up to the event.

These are just a few marketing tactics to help build buzz around your event exhibition stand. Other powerful marketing tactics that were briefly mentioned above, include:

  • Lead generation campaigns: Through social media lead generation campaigns, lead magnets and lead forms, you can collect lead information such as email addresses, job title and more. Through this tactic you can build your contact list and send out further email campaigns and lead nurturing campaigns to these new quality contacts. 
  • Press Releases: Send out a press release about your presence at the expo to relevant and authoritative journalists, magazine editors, thought-leaders and respected content creators. These platforms or individuals may share your Press Release to their wider audience, ensuring even greater quality reach. 
  • Video Content:  By creating informative and engaging video content that can be shared across your digital platforms, you will be driving engagement about the event and your presence at the event. This will create greater buzz and get attendees talking.
  • Account-Based-Marketing: This is a strategic and highly targeted approach to marketing based on account awareness in which an organization considers and communicates with individual prospect (in this case, event attendees) or customer accounts as markets of one.

In Summary

There are a variety of tactics you can use to promote your exhibition stand and create buzz about your brand. If you are looking to promote your stand to the highest quality target audience and you want to see a return on your marketing investment, look no further than Nexa.

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