How Digital Marketing can Make You Stand out in Expo 2020?

authorShannon Correia dateJuly 01, 2021

The Dubai Expo 2020 is in full swing. With many businesses participating, you’ve got to ensure your business stands out. Digital marketing can help you do just that, and capitalize on the thousands of visitors in Dubai for the Expo. Here’s a guide on how...

Digital Marketing to Stand Out in Expo 2020

how to use digital marketing to stand out at Expo 2020

Tie in the theme of the Expo with your campaign

Expo 2020s theme is “Connecting minds, creating the future,” so the first step of your digital marketing strategy needs to embody and mirror this. By sharing the ways your brand reflects this will be key in creating a seamless campaign that makes sense and is easy to grasp for audiences. 

To do this, you’ll need to showcase your ideas, innovations, and contributions. Drive home the theme with one of the three subcategories, namely opportunity, mobility, or sustainability. This is, after all, what draws people to the Expo and what excited them. In short, stand out by positioning your brand as a forerunner for the Expo and everything it stands for. 

Think about the expo holistically

The Expo provides your business with numerous opportunities. Since your brand is already in the thick of Expo 2020, you’ve got to think about how you can adapt your strategy for the remainder of it, and how you can utilize digital marketing once it draws to a close. 

To do this, you can break it down into three components:

  • Showcase: Share your concepts with the audiences, while being sure to communicate what your USP is to stand out from your competition. 
  • Impress: Be sure to have practical plans and concerted efforts at the Expo to expand your reach and enter into new markets. Your impressions apply to both audiences and partnerships. 
  • Network: Networking does not end after a single encounter - think of building connections as a long-term exercise in relationship building. All of the new contacts need to be nurtured so that the leads gained materialize into business opportunities. 

Be seen and heard

Use digital marketing to be seen and heard beyond your physical stand at Expo 2020. There are many ways to do this, and we’ll touch on practical ‘how to's below:

  • Hashtags: Join in on the conversation with #Expo2020 and #DubaiExpo2020. This will helps audiences find you, and help to tag your connect for search engines for increased exposure. You’ll essentially be building a digital footprint for your content under a relevant and popular tag - this is a must!
  • Expo 2020 Marketplace: Expo 2020 has a digital Marketplace website that acts as an online hub for visitors. It has all sorts of information pertaining to the Expo and presents businesses with an extension of business opportunities. This includes an online catalog of mementos to shop, information regarding all of the pavilions and participants, calendars with event details, and so on. Your brand needs to be present on this digital platform!
  • Landing page: Create a landing page (or even a micro-site) for Expo 2020. This page should detail your involvement in the Expo and all relevant and necessary details for visitors. It should be designed in a way that suits both those who are following up to find out more and those who have found your digital page as their first touchpoint. This will help you stand out by increasing your authority and visibility in relation to Expo 2020. 

Cover all of your bases

Digital marketing is multi-faceted, so be sure to use all channels and avenues at your disposal during Expo 2020 to connect with audiences. This includes:

  • Content marketing: Having a consistent stream of content is necessary for you to stand out and show up online. This is more of a Lon-term strategy and one that will be incredibly useful to new contacts who want to learn more about your brand and business. Be sure to include optimization across all published content for maximum influence. 
  • Social media marketing: Social media marketing is a powerful tool to reach audiences, so be sure to use your channels to create hype around your stand at Expo 2020. It is also a mobile-first way to increase your visibility, and a great opportunity to interact with your audience.
  • Email marketing: Email marketing is great for follow-ups with newly secured leads from Expo 2020. With a CMS in place, you can tailor your communication with each lead, ensuring the content is personalized. 
  • Search engine marketing: Another way to stand out, especially if you have the marketing budget for it and are pressed for time, is to advertise online. This can increase both visibility and ROI for your business. You should also be using re-marketing techniques, especially for new contacts. 

The Final Word: Marketing for the Expo

There you have it, the how-to tips you need to ensure your brand stands out at Expo 2020 using digital marketing. With the above in mind, you can adjust your strategy to increase your visibility and maximize the multitude of opportunities presented by the Expo. 

Need help designing a strategy and marketing your business?

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