How High Performing Emails Increase ROI

authorShannon Correia dateDecember 05, 2021

Email marketing remains to be one of the most effective tools for digital marketers. Checking emails is a daily habit for millions around the world, for both personal and business-related reasons. In this article, we’ll be sharing insights on how to improve your email marketing campaigns. 

Each day, inboxes are filled with emails sent from businesses to their leads. They’ve vastly improved over the years, with captivating subject lines and well-designed content that is tailored to individual interests. Appealing emailers are very effective, leading to high open and click-through rates - and high ROIs. 

It is a medium that can inform, inspire, and entice your audience to check out your website and ideally, make a sale. Moreover, emailers can easily become a weekly expectation that people look forward to. Le Creuset, for example, has a weekly “Terrific Tuesday,” delivering an item on sale each week. This is a serious win for the luxury brand since sales can detract from high-end products. 

What we can see based on the above is that successful emails deliver value. People don’t want their inboxes to become overpopulated with emails they could toss to junk mail or spam. Inboxes have also made it easier than ever to block senders and unsubscribe at the touch of a button. So, creating good emails is key, especially when it comes to inbound marketing purposes. 

To create successful email campaigns, you need to segment your database correctly and present them with relevant information. The overall goal is to drive engagement through optimization which will lead to conversions. When designing your strategy, be sure to mark out how these emailers fit into your overall digital marketing strategy and how relevant they are to your customer’s position in the customer lifecycle. 

For example, people who are new subscribers are often offered a discount on their first purchase. The emails for them will be catered towards them making their first purchase and getting to experience your brand. From then on, you have a clearer understanding of what this customer is interested in and can cater to their future needs. The more information you gather over the long term, the more data your team will have to work with. 

Email segments should cover the groups of people you’ll be emailing - so understanding who they are, what they are interested in, when the best time to send each type of email is, where the email will likely be viewed (so you can optimize for mobile), and why you’re reaching out them. how to create high performing emails

Elements of a high performing email:

  • Catchy subject line 
  • Personal addressing 
  • Simple, enticing copy
  • Visuals including images or video
  • A call to action
  • Graphic design 
  • The footer with relevant contact details

Be sure to use a reputable emailing service provider. Businesses using a CRM like HubSpot can easily send out emailers, but there are others that inboxes flag as spam. The words chosen for your subject line can also be flagged as spam.

To get someone to view the email, they need to be captivated enough to open it. The subject line is a starting point, followed by the preview text. This is what can either entice someone to follow through with the desired action of opening the email or hitting the delete button. Subject lines are typically under 50 characters for mobile. Remember, you can always perform split testing to see which kind of subject lines your audience segments respond to best. 

The preview text is also key. This can be seen as a continuation from the subject line, providing the receiver with a grasp of what the email contains and why it would be worth their while to open it for more.

Emails that foster communication and dialogue work well. People should feel that they can converse with you if necessary or take simple follow-through steps to do so. Having generic emails sent and ‘do not reply’ addresses don’t do this. This is why many businesses assign the name of someone who responds to emails as the sender; it humanizes the interaction. 

Once you have an opening of the email, the viewer is presented with the contents of the email. This is geared towards presenting them with something and the hopes that they will take a further desired action. This may be downloading a document, signing up for an upcoming event, or clicking on the featured products to shop. Every element matters, from aesthetically pleasing graphics to high-resolution visuals and succinct copy. 

To make the process of creating emailers easier, you can use tried and tested templates. This creates brand consistency and also frees up time on your side. CRMs like HubSpot make email marketing easy with templates that can be used and customized so that they are optimized and personalized to your database. 

There you have it - a guide to creating successful emails for your business. This adds a lot of value to your overall inbound marketing strategy and can increase ROI significantly. 

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