How much does Video Production cost in Dubai?

Shannon Correia August 25, 2020

Video is undoubtedly a valuable asset for businesses to have. It is a medium that is effective and versatile - they are proven to be the most coveted and engaging form of content and can be applied to various different business operations. If you’re wondering what goes into video production and how much it’ll cost you in Dubai, this article will help.

According to Hubspot, video can assist you in sharing your brand’s story internally, as well as aiding customers along their brand journey. The statistics speak for themselves:

92% of marketers say they use video as a key medium to increase return on investment (ROI).  Of these, 99% say they will continue to use the format, the majority of which, plan to increase their usage of it and spending on it. Meanwhile, 59% of those who don’t currently produce video content are reported to begin doing so.

Video Production Costs - What's involved?

To provide some context, it's important to note that the cost of video production varies widely depending on certain factors. When creating video content in Dubai, one must also be aware of the costly permissions required. This includes an application fee and permits, along with strict deadlines that must be adhered to.

Video production refers to a 3 stage process, designed for a specified audience as follows:

  • Pre production: This involves all of the planning required, from research to admin, casting, logistics, scheduling, scriptwriting and translations.
  • Production: This is the stage where the content is captured by filming. For this you’ll need a crew (such as a director, camera operators etc), the set-up or location and the equipment.
  • Post production: The footage is edited digitally. In addition to this, there is color grading, audio, subtitles, voiceovers, a soundtrack, graphics and animations which may need to be added.

    video production


There are various types of videos your business can create. These include:

  • Marketing / Commercials: Relating to your business for television or social media, from a brand overview to behind the scenes content.
  • Corporate: Videos for your customers (eg a welcoming video on your website) or for your business to use internally (eg for onboarding).
  • Educational: A form of corporate videos as these are designed to assist you in educating and training your workforce. Studies show that information presented in video form can improve understanding and is, of course, helpful resources to have for remote working conditions
  • Product: Designed to highlight the features of your product or service with the aim of generating sales, usually only a couple of minutes long. Examples of this include teasers, demos and ‘thank you’ clips
  • Testimonial: Speaking to people and filming clips of their feedback
  • Event: Recordings of events including conferences, award ceremonies, trade shows and webinars from a central location

The style of your video and the costs involved depends these factors:

  • Scale: The scale of the video required will determine the size of the crew needed, as well as location factors and the type of equipment needed.
  • The scope: This is determined by the objectives you have and the requirements for this video footage. For instance, is it a once-off production? Is it suited to one format only?
  • Duration: The length of the video will determine if you need to hire a crew for half a day or a full day, as well as the level of editing required in post production
  • Business size: This naturally affects budget concerns. In addition, it may affect the location options you have (at your office, for example), or need to cast people if necessary
  • Purpose: Your video objectives will inform all aspects of the shoot throughout the three stages of video production. This includes whether you’ll need a voiceover or a script…

Cost of Video Production in Dubai

As mentioned above, there are various factors that will influence the price of producing a video. These are the ballpark figures you can expect to pay:

  • Event video: From AED 10,500
  • Animated video: From AED 14,000
  • Corporate video: From AED 10,000

Agencies will have access to experts in videography, taking care of the entire process for you. You can hire them on a project basis, or annually for long term partnerships. Working with an agency means you can create or include specialised video content, including 360 videos, panoramic shots, video configured for social media and interactive clips that include games, surveys and polls. Agencies will often price their offers in packages, adding benefits to each pricing tier, so you can expect the following depending on what you need and opt for:

1,500+ AED: Video footage, animated logo and title, music, editing and basic graphics

2,500+ AED: Multiple formats, SEO and email configuration

4,000+ AED: Advanced graphics and effects, professional voice over

9,000+ AED: Scripting and studio space for the shoot

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