How to Attract International Talent?

authorShannon Correia dateApril 20, 2021

In today’s globalized and remote-working world, the world is your oyster when it comes to hiring employees. Many businesses are looking beyond their borders when hiring. In this article, we’ll be letting you in on the ways you can draw in the best pool of talent by attracting top candidates and ensuring you are able to retain the ones you select.

Why Should I Hire International Talent?

There are a multitude of reasons why your business would benefit from hiring international talent. Let’s begin with the obvious: you’re able to assess the best candidates' applications from around the world. With a bigger selection, you are not just limited to your country’s best. 

It can also pose a number of benefits to your business since exchange rates and employee contracts depend on the country you’re dealing with. For instance, you can hire someone contractually for a period, rather than hiring a permanent staff member. This, along with favorable exchange rates, may save your business on labor expenses. 

Having international talent working within your company is an asset for your business. Today, employees are seen as influencers in the professional world, since networking remains a top priority. These working relationships broaden your reach around the globe and give you the benefit of having international experience within your team. 

This is especially helpful to businesses that are expanding into new markets, and require employees who are experienced in that country. This experience pertains to the likes of diverse markets, different languages, laws and regulations - the list goes on. 

Notably, hiring international talent does not mean you need to pay for relocation costs and require emigration, unless the position calls for it. Businesses are better equipped than ever to have a remote workforce. In cases where you’re asking candidates to move to your country or engage in an exchange for a period of time, you still need to be able to effectively attract them to your business. 

As it stands, the market for hiring top talent on a global scale is very competitive. Simply put, there is high demand top candidates, in line with the highest possible standards worldwide. When attracting these potential employees, businesses need to meet their increasingly growing expectations.

When considering which country’s to look to, a business might consider the standard of living, the exchange rates and the cultures, as all of this will impact the working relationships that are formed. With a diversified team that bring a range of skills and experience, your business will be adding to their competitive advantage. Thus, your company culture will improve, as will the potential and reach of your business, with all of this culminating in your business being more successful. 

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Ways to Attract International Candidates

We need to consider the hiring process in its totality when attracting candidates from around the world. It needs to be top-tier, from the advertising process to the sorting and selecting of candidates, interviews, negotiations, and communication. This will ensure your business is meeting the international standards and expectations. 

Showcasing professionalism of the highest degree will attract top candidates and also be an indicator for them to enjoy a smooth introduction to your company, and one which is long-standing if they are hired. Once these candidates are hired, you’ll need to have an onboarding system ready to go, since the transition to a new company fosters motivation, loyalty, productivity, trust, and support. 

So, where can you find these candidates?

Where to Hire International Talent

  • Networking connections: Networking remains an important skill, especially when expanding your reach on a global scale - don’t be afraid to ask for contacts and referrals as this is highly valuable. 
  • Partnerships with other businesses or agencies: Working with an established agency or business in a foreign country can be a massive help when it comes to navigating your way in the market. 
  • Headhunting: People are invested in sharing their portfolios online - there is nothing stopping your HR from having a look for talent and reaching out to them directly, whether that’s through blogs or social media platforms. 
  • Job board advertisements: You can directly advertise on popular job ads in countries and handle the application process traditionally. 
  • Advertising on your business website: Your website is a great place to advertise for positions, and it’ll ensure the applicants already have an internist in your business. 
  • Previous employees: It may be a good idea to hire previous employees who know the business and have new skills and experience to bring along with them. 

Now that you know where to find them, you’ll need to consider what motivates them - this is the crux of what will attract them to your business in particular. 

Motivating Factors for International Talent

  • Pay: The fact remains - people work to make a living. Offering a salary that makes sense to your international pool will determine the quality and number of candidates you attract. 
  • Benefits and perks: When hiring foreigners to work for you, they’ll be expecting some benefits, whether that involves relocation or remote working perks.
  • Business growth potential: Candidates are looking for businesses that align with not only their values, but their vision for the future as well. Having a stable employer with promise of growth is attractive to candidates. 
  • Career goals and opportunities: Just as much as candidates seek business growth, they too care about their personal careers and the potential for them to grow and evolve within your business in the long run.
  • Employer branding: This is incredibly important and influential as it refers to the reputation of your business. You’ll need to put work into digital marketing and public relations for your business to develop this in a positive light, with the aim of attracting the best of the best. 
  • Flexible arrangements: When working with interantiaonla employees, especially remotely, having flexible arrangements, such as offering working hours in their time zone can become an important factor. 

Right, so now that we know what these candidates need, you’ll need a strategy to tie in all of the elements and spark interest in your business.

Build Your Proposition:

  • Reviews: Businesses should be mindful of current and past employees reviewing the workplace online, as future candidates will have a look at these for insight when considering which company to work with. 
  • Global mindset: Position your business as one that is inclusive and diverse when attracting a global workforce, as this appeals to the values in business that are important to have in today’s markets. 
  • Use technology: Global candidates expect the best in business practices and processes, so having automated and digitalized systems in place is important. This will also facilitate learning and productivity. For this, consider using a customer relationship management system like HubSpot.
  • The offer: Build your offer of employment in a way that is inclusive of the above, taking into account the needs and desires of your candidates, in a way that is compatible with your business needs. 
  • Mentorship: Foregin employees will need support and guidance throughout the hiring process, and will appreciate mentorship through the onboarding processes as well as they learn to adjust. 
  • Maintain company culture: Building and maintaining a positive company culture is of great importance, as this sets the tone of the workplace and what it will be like working for your business. This is an aspect to advertise and one which requires candidates that are a good fit.
  • Training: Offer training to help your future employees grow their careers and better their abilities. 

The Wrap Up

Attracting international talent to work for your business requires an investment of time and effort. To entice the world’s best candidates to take a vested interest in your company, you’ll need to find them, understand their motivates, and meet their expectations. When you succeed in doing so, there are numerous payoffs for your business, from having a competitive advatange, to having a diverse workforce and the best employees on a global scale. 

We at Nexa are here for your business and are ready to help you develop your Employer Branding, business marketing, and your HR processes to, so that you’re able to draw in and keep the world’s best employees. Book your slot to speak with us - we’re eager to hear from you.