How to Choose the Right Marketing Agency for Expo 2020

authorShannon Correia dateJuly 03, 2021

So, you need an agency to work with for your Expo 2020 marketing and you’re not sure which one to choose? In this article, we’ll be providing you with the low-down on how to go about making your choice so that you work with the agency best suited to your needs. Ready to find out? Let’s get into it. 

expo 2020 marketing agency

Marketing Agencies for Expo 2020

Since the Expo 2020 is based in Dubai, your first point of order should be to work with an agency that makes geographical sense - ie, one that is based in Dubai. Why? Well, because:

  1. They will have a deep understanding of marketing in Dubai and the broader MENA region. This is therefore the perfect foundation for anyone wanting to expand into new markets and audiences. To add to this, the UAE is responsible for the majority of advertising in the region, with online being the biggest platforms, ahead of traditional marketing and advertising. With its smart-city infrastructure, Dubai is also home to many HQs, so in essence it is a city geared up for the best in digital marketing. 
  2. The agency can be present at Expo 2020 and provide valuable real life content straight from the source. This means you needn’t worry about the videography, for example, when it comes to content creation for your marketing.

The good news is, there are many agencies based in Dubai. So many, in fact, that this can become overwhelming. To discern the best from the bad choices, you can ask yourself the following questions:

What Expectations Are There for the Agency I Choose?

The agency you work with needs to help you with your marketing to ensure it results in the best possible results. It’s about having a professional team on your side to help with various aspects of marketing your business at Expo 2020, with the aim of garnering a better performance. 

Your expectations will depend on the services you need - for example, is it one element of digital marketing you need, or a full-scale operation? At this stage of Expo 2020, it is likely that you already have a marketing campaign in place, but now need help with boosting and expanding it. 

The scale of your marketing needs is also important, as an Expo 2020 campaign will be limited to the event, while other options may include your general marketing and extend beyond the event. Getting an agency on board for this period presents a good test run of their capabilities for possible endeavours in the future. They cam help you to entrench your brand in the MENA region, which is important as it takes time to build and earn brand loyalty in this market. The agency will also have a deep understanding of your business, leading to better results and campaigns.

How to choose an agency

Let’s take a look at the factors to take into consideration when choosing which agency to work with:

  • Do they have experience? Looking at the client lists and campaign history is crucial. That is not to say that an up-and-coming agency won’t be able to provide you with great marketing, but when you’re dealing with an event as renowned as Expo 2020, marketing experience matters. 
  • Can they provide you with a proposal? You need to get a sample of ideas from the agencies that make your shortlist. This will provide you with a clearer idea of where this agency will take you and what they can do for you for the budget you have. 
  • Are they agile? Since Expo 2020 is in full swing already, you’re going to need to work with an agency that can produce quick turn-around times and get results fast. Be sure they’re able to take you on as a client and do your brand justice. 
  • What’s the agency’s culture? There are characteristics and mission statements that set agencies apart. For instance, whether the agency is experimental and up to date with trends. Find out if they’re passionate and how they value creativity. These are important as they influence the work and working environment of the agency. Ideally, these characteristics should match your business’s.
  • What kind of support will you get? To help manage your expectations, you need to know what kind of support you’ll be getting during Expo 2020, and afterwards. This includes communication, involvement, management and post-event reporting. 

Is Nexa the right agency for you?

That’s a wrap on what to look for when choosing a marketing agency to work with for Expo 2020. Ultimately, you’ll need a team who is ready to create memorable and effective campaigns centred on this all-important event. We at Nexa could be just what your business needs.

Book a quick call with us to discuss your marketing needs for Expo 2020. We’d be happy to walk you through all of the options available to you, and show you the marketing we’ve done for our clients.