How to Create Winning Sales Proposals in 2021

Toni Becker April 30, 2021

We all know that sales is an ongoing process and you need to hold onto your existing clients while working to attract quality leads and acquire new clients. When a prospective client agrees to meet with you or has become sales-qualified, you need to put together a presentation or proposal that sets you apart from your competitors. 

A powerful sales proposal provides a guide to both you and your prospective client. It needs to outline what you have to offer and serves as a visual guide that highlights your value. When putting together your sales proposal you need to anticipate any questions your prospect may have about your business, and include the answers within your proposal, ensuring it’s as comprehensive (yet digestible) as possible. However, presenting your proposal in the digital age requires creative thinking. No one wants to read through a dull, long-winded 10 page PDF or PowerPoint presentation. We live in the digital age and with this era comes instant communication and instant gratification. With this in mind, you need to provide prospects with a proposal that keeps their attention while simultaneously entertaining and engaging them on a more personal level.

So, how can you keep your prospective clients engaged and provide a personalized sales proposal experience? Video sales proposals are taking center stage in 2021, and for good reason.


Are Video Sales Proposals the Next Normal?

If you are confused about the benefit of video sales proposals and are asking yourself if it is really worth it, the research that has emerged from 2020 in regards to video marketing in general outlines the value of video in the digital age.

According to a study conducted by Wyzowl:

  • 89% of video marketers state that video provides a significant Return on Investment
  • 83% state that video helps them with lead generation
  • 80% state that video has helped to directly increase sales
  • 95% state that they are increasing their video spend

The above proves that video is the way forward in online communication as it increases sales and provides a strong ROI. But why is video so powerful?

Video is a powerful medium as it allows businesses to connect with an audience on an emotional and engaging level. By shaping a personalized and emotional bond, you are able to build trust and likability which increases the chances of winning new clients.

In terms of sales proposals, video not only builds trust and creates likability, but it also provides information in a way that is digestible and engaging - ensuring attention is kept at all times. Printed sales proposals or boring face-to-face PowerPoint pitches can create a space of disinterest quickly - while video proposals impress, engage, delight and drive potential clients to take action.

So, what goes into creating a winning video sales proposal in 2021?

Tips for Creating a Powerful Video Sales Proposal

  • Presenting your sales proposal in video format means that you may not be in a face-to-face meeting with a potential customer (something that has become the norm since the outbreak of COVID-19 and the social distancing regulations that have become a part of our daily lives). With this in mind, you need to understand your target audience, who will be viewing your video and how you need to present the information within your video in a way that will appeal to them and their specific needs. 

  • Never read the written version of your business plan to your audience through video. This is not only boring, but your audience will feel as if you have wasted their time. What you do want to do is create a well-developed and engaging visual presentation that shows the audience the sales plan and explains it in an interesting, visually appealing and easily digestible manner. Make sure the content is professional, personalized and expresses the personality of your business while showing the value that your business brings to the table.

  • In order to create a winning video sales proposal, you need to review your sales proposal documents and identify key areas that can be replaced with visuals or video interviews. For example, you may have the head of a department quickly and effectively outline your offering in an engaging and connected manner or you can film your service/product in action - or preferably both! 

  • Once you have an understanding of your key selling points, you need to begin scripting and storyboarding your video. A great way to ensure video sales proposal success is to include experts within your business who are able to conversationally share your offering. Essentially, you are able to present your talent pool in a personalized way that creates greater business trust which in turn, drives sales. This is much more effective than having your potential client read through page upon page of text. 

  • We all know that client testimonials are a powerful selling point and it is important you include testimonials in your video. Hearing a real testimonial from a peer that is a current client adds massive value. This is another way to build trust and credibility with prospective clients. This strategy also evokes emotion and by presenting true stories of success with other clients makes it more likely for a prospect to purchase your service or product.

Video marketing and video production are quickly becoming the new normal in all elements of business, from marketing through to sales. If you are looking to creatively engage with prospective clients, then video content offers the ideal way to communicate your vision and mission and has the power to drive potential clients to sign the dotted line. When creating video sales proposals for your business, it is important you work alongside a professional video production company that understands your business and your target audience. 

A professional video marketing and production agency will help you create a unique brand voice that is authentic and trustworthy, ensuring your sales proposal resonates with your target audience.

How We Can Help

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