How to get the most out of Expo 2020 (2021) Dubai

authorToni Becker dateFebruary 25, 2021

The Expo 2020 (2021) Dubai is set to be one of the most interactive, forward-thinking and innovative World Expos of all time. Whether you are attending the expo with a stand or you are a guest speaker in one of the pavilions, it is important that you stand out from the crowd.

With over 192 countries participating in the event, and hundreds of expo stands and speakers, it is important that you take the relevant steps to break through the noise and build excitement about what you will be showcasing at the event. With the right digital marketing tactics in place, you can maximise your time at the global expo and gain a great return on your investment.

We all know that business or brand success is based on consumer knowledge, and if your business is unknown to your target audience, it will never be successful. The same can be said for businesses or brands showcasing their offerings at the Expo 2020 Dubai. You need to make it known that you will be present at the expo and digital marketing tactics are the ultimate way to build this kind of awareness and help you gain the attention of attendees.

Below, we take a look at the best ways to market your upcoming appearance at the Expo 2020 Dubai.


Marketing Tips to Ensure You Get the Most Out of the Expo 2020 (2021) Dubai

Create and optimise a new website for your appearance at the Expo

Your website is the face of your business, and is the first place potential clients visit to find out about your offerings. Your site provides viewers with information and is designed to build trust and nurture relationships - and every business owner knows that a website is the ultimate marketing tool. In todays digital age, every business requires a website that highlights everything the company offers and if you are showcasing at the Expo 2020 Dubai, you need to make sure that all expo attendees know of your appearance at the event. As the expo is a monumental global event that spans a period of 6 months, a single web page or landing page on your current website will not do your marketing justice. 

This is why it is important that you create a new website, one that is dedicated to your appearance at the event, and one that informs attendees about where and when they can find you at the event.

This brand new website should be full of helpful and relevant information that will answer any questions attendees may have regarding your time at the expo - and of course, this website should link back to your primary business website. 

A new and well optimised website will also help your business rise up the search engines results ensuring that you are discovered by online users who are actively seeking out information about the expo - and this is how you gain more interest, and get more feet through the door. 

Leverage off Social Media Marketing

Social media gives you the opportunity to engage with your current audience and reach a greater, even more targeted audience. With this in mind, it is important that you make use of your social media channels and create an effective social media marketing strategy that involves connecting with your target audience before, during, and after the expo. 

Social Media Paid Advertising: Social media advertising makes use of user information to serve highly relevant advertisements to a target audience based on user demographics, interests, behaviors, location, and more. By investing in paid social advertisements that are designed to reach individuals and businesses who will be present at the event, you are sure to create more awareness and generate greater interest in your appearance at the expo.

Hashtags: When you are posting expo-specific content to your social media platforms, make sure to use the official Expo hashtag alongside your content. Also begin following the primary event hashtag on all platforms to help you keep an eye on what attendees are looking forward to and what questions they may have about the event. By keeping an eye on the primary hashtag you will also be able to pinpoint key individuals and other exhibitors who will be showcasing their brand at the event - and this is the kind of networking that you need to ensure a successful event. You can also create your own event hashtag to help build even greater buzz around your stand - and you can track this hashtag too.

Creative and Shareable Posts: Create eye-catching and informative posts for your social media platforms that are designed to promote the event and your appearance at the event. From video content to blog posts and social media polls, you can create content that informs and delights your audience at the same time. Also make sure to tag the event and related stakeholders in these posts as they may share your post to their larger audience. 

Account Based Marketing:  Account Based Marketing is focused around targeting key accounts - that is, specific individuals or businesses that perfectly suit your business offerings. Your Expo campaign can make use of this practice by targeting key business and individuals who will be present at the event itself. LinkedIn is one of the most powerful social platforms when it comes to B2B marketing - and what better place to market your presence at the Expo 2020 Dubai? You can use your LinkedIn network to personally invite key players to the event or inform key players of your presence at the event. 

Email Marketing for the Expo

Email marketing is still one of the most effective digital marketing tools available today and using it to promote your expo appearance is not only practical - it is necessary. In fact, email is one of the most proliferate forms of communication, and 85% of event marketers rely on email campaigns for event promotions.

You can use email to generate interest long before the event even begins. Then you can follow up your email with a variety of campaigns that encourage your contacts to take action and book their place at your stand or speaking engagement at the expo. 

  • Announcement Email: Think of your appearance at the expo as a "product launch." Your first email can inform your contacts about the expo and let them know that they can expect further details regarding your expo stand or speaking engagement. Make sure that this email is personalised, has a catchy title and keeps the reader wanting to know more. 
  • Make an Exclusive Offer: Now that you have spread word about your appearance at the expo - it is time to capitalise on the interest of the readers. Use exclusive offers or deals to encourage individuals to sign up for your event or visit you at your expo stand. There are a variety of tactics you can use in this regard. For example: offer free merchandise or a discount code when an attendee visits your stand at a specific time etc.
  • Follow-up with Important Details: Send out an email to the relevant contacts to remind them about the expo and what they can expect from your stand or speaking event at the expo. Let your contacts know where they will be able to find you and provide them with the right times to ensure they make it to your stand or speaking gig. 


In Conclusion

The above are just a few examples of digital marketing tactics you can use to promote your appearance at the Expo 2020 Dubai. All of these tactics require strategy, well thought out content creation, analytics and reporting - and will help you track and measure your expo success. 

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