How to Implement HR Transformation for Your Business

authorShannon Correia dateMay 01, 2021

HR continues to transform for both businesses and individuals. That being said, it is one thing to know about these changes, and another to implement them. In this ‘how to’ article, we’ll be discussing practical ways that you can adapt your processes, which will ultimately help your business to grow and improve. 

how to implement hr transformation

HR Transformation for Your Business Businesses

HR transformation is an umbrella term that can include all sorts of changes. Technology has made it easy for a business to utilise applicant tracking systems, for instance, which makes an otherwise administratively-intensive task one that is simplified and automated. There are a number of tools on the market and each business will likely need to use multiple ones for each stage of the recruitment process. HR transformation boils down to technology that affects every level of this department. 

Other examples include customer relationship management systems, which can hold a database of your business’s talent pool. These platforms traditionally aim to ‘attract, engage and delight’ customers, but businesses are finding value in applying that same ideal to candidates. This ties in to employer branding which marks another way that HR is changing - businesses of today need to consider and market themselves as employers to stand out in the marketplace and attract top talent. 

Whereas traditional HR introduced people to businesses personally, that same process is happening today via video introductions, for example. The focus has shifted toward developing relationships and building communities of interested individuals in your business. The power is no longer solely held by HR, and so seeking responses and feedback from candidates becomes important. These mark changes to the way HR is being conducted, from attracting talent to narrowing down and making selections, the process is changing and businesses need to be equipped with the tools to implement these changes. 

How to Implement HR Transformation

Let’s begin with the concept of change, since ideas are what lead to actions. HR is transforming in various ways, with one underlying factor: technology. Technological tools are helping HR departments to speed up the recruitment process and to improve the results thereof. This needs to be communicated to the top level management of a business. Getting buy-in from the top is the first step in implementing change in your business. 

Secondly, you’ll need to be committed and invested in transforming your HR. That is because it often involves access to and learning about new systems, tools and processes. This often requires funding and the know-how of which elements would benefit your HR team. This is an inclusive approach and one which requires everyone involved in the process to be acting on one accord. 

With these aspects in place, you can guide the business with small steps towards a bigger goal. Having a vision for what you want your HR system to be like is crucial. It ensures that you aren’t simply testing out trendy systems without any direction, as this can prove to be futile. Brainstorm with the team to determine exactly what your needs are and then search the market for fitting tools and platforms. 

The Nexa Way

Allow me to introduce you to Nexa’s recruitment system:

The Nexa recruitment system  is a learning management system that allows businesses to experience an efficient and effective recruitment process by providing content and video production services from the hiring to the onboarding and training because it allows HR specialists to oversee and monitor the performance of future employees and new hires in order to make efficient hiring decisions. 

Businesses who successfully adapted to remote working, training, and recruiting require HR transformation. It improves the hiring process and makes it more efficient for all involved. Implementing the appropriate changes is oftentimes easier said than done, however. Rather than continuing to suffer the consequences of making the wrong hires, finding the best systems and technologies for your business is key. 

That is why we at Nexa are dedicated to improving the recruitment experience. We have first-hand experience in this, whereby there are different stages that candidates go through before reaching the final stage of interviews. This system is designed to filter candidates according to the needs of the business. Nexa’s recruitment system consists of 5 stages, namely:

  • Stage 1: Introduction
  • Stage 2:  HR Round
  • Stage 3: Technical Round - Skill/ role based questions
  • Stage 4: Behavioral/ Situational questions
  • Stage 5: Background and joining details

This way, we are able to filter candidates and ensure that the best possible fits for our team make it to the interview. 

Advantages of a New HR System for Recruitment 

  • Fully Customizable system that runs itself so that you can opt for a system that makes sense to your business, while having the peace of mind that it is automated.
  • Offer an interactive system to candidates so that you’re able to showcase your culture, team and your values.
  • Communicate with your candidates so that they’re updated and relationships are formed.
  • Reduce the manual mistakes that are made during the traditional recruiting process such as bias and delays. 
  • Offer a multi-stage process so that candidates are filtered to find the best fit for that particular role using quantitative and qualitative metrics, while the others form part of an ongoing database of talent.
  • Have a scoring system that categorizes and finds the best fit for your business based on skills, interest and investment. 

Implementing HR transformation can take many forms. It requires full buy-in from the business and the exact changes will depend on your business’s specific needs. With the help of technologies, you can improve the recruitment process and grow your business with the strongest and best possible team working together. 

Interested in transforming your business’s HR?

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