How to Optimize Your Glassdoor Page?

authorShannon Correia dateAugust 24, 2021

Glassdoor is a highly effective recruitment platform where employers engage with candidates. As with all content that lives online, it is important to optimize your page so that your employer profile and job ads are designed to attract ideal candidates to your company.

Optimize Your Glassdoor Page

Glassdoor is a trusted source for jobs and company information. It provides job seekers with the ability to learn about your company and to see testimonials that current and previous employees have shared. This includes information about company culture, teams, salaries, and career development.

Optimization is helpful for recruiters. Instead of having to re-post an ad or count on initial views once your page is posted, you can land yourself a coveted position close to the top search rankings if you follow the necessary steps to optimize it. To achieve this successfully, you’ll need to have a strategy in place.

Glassdoor helps you to optimize your employer brand. By establishing your brand, you’ll be able to improve the way you attract, nurture, hire and retain quality talent. It is a preferred platform for job seekers to get insight into a company, with 50 million unique user visits each month. Therefore your Glassdoor page needs to be populated with information that is a culmination of recruitment, marketing, and branding.

There are many opportunities for businesses to optimize their Glassdoor content using features that are readily available on your profile. This includes messaging, branding, and content. Content is varied, with the option to share photos, updates, responses, and videos. When visitors see your page, they want to know what your company is all about and importantly, what working there is like.

Companies who opt in to use Glassdoor’s paid features will have access to added features that can help your page stand out. Tabs allows you to categorize and organize your content. This can include an updates section and key projects your teams are working on. Posts is another paid feature you can use. With this, you can curate and share articles that provide insight into your company with your Glassdoor audience.

When it comes to optimizing your Glassdoor Page, don’t forget to do the same for your job ads. SEO for recruitment purposes is challenging as the posts are temporary. This means you’ve got to create a high impact in a short amount of time. There are many ways to increase your reach, from custom URLs to using video and having a landing page for vacancies.

Using a platform like Glassdoor puts you within reach of active job seekers, and helps you to manage the recruitment process so you can find the best talent. In other words, this platform can be seen as a stepping stone to introduce your company’s page to job seekers. This will also help boost your Glassdoor’s optimization by providing external links that deliver quality traffic.

Tips on How to Optimize Glassdoor Content


Does your page answer all of the questions a prospective candidate may have? Be sure to include your benefits, company culture, and business mission. You should also ensure you have a fully filled-out profile and populate it with content. This includes your logo, company’s contact details, and descriptions. You can also include a dynamic cover by including a video.


This is the go-to SEO technique to ensure your ads show up in search results. You’ve got to have specific and targeted words that match what your audience is looking for. It helps the platform to discern what your ad is about and places it in the view of your desired audience. There are various keywords to use, from the job itself to the location (if applicable) and qualifications required.

Select between two and four keyword/keyword combinations to focus on which cover big picture topics and niche words. You may need to research jargon related to the specific job post for this. Be sure that you aren’t keyword stuffing - it needs to be a natural insertion into a quality job description that sounds attractive to job hunters.


This is the starting point of any search and selection. Be sure that yours is concise and fitting. It should be descriptive and match what candidates are looking for. Likewise in your description, be sure to explain terms in full, use headings where necessary, and provide as much information as necessary.

People will be drawn to ads that describe the job and the person that would fit the job - not necessarily your company (yet). Rather link it back to your Glassdoor page and let that speak for your company culture.

Glassdoor Optimization is the Key to Success

As you can see from the above, there are both calculated and basic ways to optimize your Glassdoor page and job ads. By doing this, you’ll be able to reach your ideal candidates and stand out among your competitors.

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