How to Use Video Marketing for Lead Generation?

authorToni Becker dateJune 20, 2021

As a society, we are instinctively drawn to stimuli such as motion, human faces and sound. With this in mind, using video is the most effective way to communicate information, stir emotion and connect with audiences. 

Digital marketers understand this and are now strategically using video marketing as a way to reach consumers. With online platforms like YouTube and TikTok proving the popularity of video, marketers and businesses can no longer ignore its impact and the impact it has on lead generation.

So, if you want to effectively turn prospects into high-quality leads, we’re going to show you how this can be achieved successfully with video marketing. 


Why Video Marketing Works for Lead Generation

Video marketing delivers a greater level of engagement among viewers compared to text and when it comes to marketing, engagement is essential. Engagement is the key to marketing success as greater engagement builds trust, interaction, click-throughs and ultimately drives greater lead generation.

When building a lead generation strategy for your business, you will concentrate on content, promotion and acquisition tactics. These three stages are vital in the lead generation process in general and these stages are vital for your video marketing lead generation efforts. 

Below, we outline these three stages and how you can build off of them in your video marketing lead generation efforts.

1. Content Strategy for Video Marketing 

When it comes to video marketing, as with all other forms of marketing, your content needs to inform, delight and help your target audience in one way or another. Video content needs to add value to your target audience, and you need to fully understand what your buyer persona looks like in order to create the content that would work for them. This means that your content could be focused around your products and service or you may be providing advice regarding a particular product, service or offering that your audience has an active interest in. 

Whatever it is you decide to focus your video content on, make sure that your audience will find it to be helpful and valuable.

2. Promotion, Distribution and Optimization for Video Marketing

In order to generate more leads from your video marketing efforts you need to make sure that your videos are distributed, optimized and promoted correctly. Linking your video to your social media platforms is important in this regard as it ensures your content gets greater reach, is shareable and directly reaches your target audience. Also make sure to optimize your video for the search engines, and apply search engine optimization tactics to it when you place it on your website. Search engines appreciate and value video content and this will help in your search engine rankings. 

Now, we get to the good stuff. How do you generate leads through video marketing? Let’s take a look.

3. Lead Generation and Video Marketing 

Lead generation is the lifeblood of any business, but how do you generate leads through videos? And how do you make sure you are attracting only the highest quality leads through video marketing?

  • Gated Content: Gating involves keeping your video content behind a metaphorical “gate” that your prospective client can only view after providing you with their information or data. The information your audience provides is captured in a lead form and give you the opportunity to contact the prospect through a variety of channels after the fact including email marketing and re-marketing campaigns.  This is a “direct” form of video lead generation. The direct lead generation method is about an exchange while the indirect method of video marketing is about persuading a prospect to submit their information via a call-to-action.

    When you are looking to go the direct route, teaser videos are a great way to do so. You hook the viewer by promising helpful information and in order for them to receive more of the information they require, they have to provide their contact information. This also ensures you are receiving high-quality lead data as the prospect is willing to provide information in exchange for your expertise on a particular topic or subject matter. 

  • Subscriptions: This is specifically important to businesses with a YouTube channel or businesses sharing videos via newsletters or online magazines. When your audience subscribes to your channel or magazine, they will automatically receive notifications when a new post has been uploaded. Therefore, you will have more returning visitors which leads to greater brand awareness, trust and increased conversions and sales. If you do have a YouTube channel, make sure to upload consistently and make sure that your content is always valuable, interesting and helpful to your target audience. 

  • Cards: Using cards is a great lead generation tool when it comes to video marketing. But, what is a card? A card will appear at the end of your video and will have clickable links to your social media, contact email address and numbers. A card also provides a place for your audience to enter their contact details - a lead form if you will. Data capture is key to lead generation and you can use this data going forward for your blogs, social media and email marketing campaigns.

  • Landing Pages: Video post-click landing pages indirectly persuade your prospect to become a lead. The tactic is effective as it is strictly designed to convert. Post-click landing pages contain fewer distractions than a webpage and can include a built-in lead form that you may not have space for on other web pages. 

  • Customer Relationship Management: Using your video marketing to generate lead data is vital and once you have tactics in place to gather lead information, it is important you manage this lead data successfully. A Customer Relationship Management tool such as HubSpot is able to store this information in a single location, segment your audience based on their behaviour and help drive them through the buying cycle. Placing your video marketing alongside a powerful CRM strategy is a great way to ensure all leads are reached, nurtured and guided through the buying process with ease. 

The Wrap Up

Using video marketing for lead generation is one of the latest and most effective ways to attract your target audience. By focusing on solid content and smart distribution and promotion strategies, you will be able to implement successful lead generation tactics. 

How We Can Help

If you are looking to effectively and creatively engage with your target audience then video marketing is what you are looking for. Not only does this form of content marketing communicate your vision and mission in an easily digestible way, it has the power to generate and convert leads into loyal customers.

At Nexa, we are here to help you find your voice, engage your audience and create effective video content that leaves a long lasting impression and converts prospects into loyal customers. Contact us today for all your video marketing lead generation requirements.