HubSpot for Schools - The New Way to Drive Admissions in 2022

Shannon Correia September 16, 2021

Once upon a time, school's didn't need to worry about driving admissions. They had a surplus of students looking to be accommodated with waiting lists and few schools to select from. Since all of that has changed, school's are having to treat their institutions more like businesses, using digital marketing to attract admissions. Here's how HubSpot can help you achieve those goals successfully in 2022.

HubSpot for Schools

hubspot for school admissions 2022

HubSpot is a leading CRM software which helps businesses to centralise their operations. The whole team can work on the site, accessing information from various departments as a way of improving their relationships with audiences. This provides schools with transparency in real-time, with various integrated tools designed to assist with digital marketing. Digital marketing is the way to go when attracting new students to your school, as it is arguably the best way to reach and interact with potential families. The HubSpot platform will record and guide you when dealing with each new lead, giving your school the best possible chance at securing an admission.

How to Drive Admissions

There are five key ways in which HubSpot can help your school drive admissions in 2022:

System processes

From an internal point of view, your school will be able to manage all of its administrative tasks from one centralised CRM software. This will boost your productivity as it takes the hassle out of manual entries and reporting. HubSpot's technology is also very in-depth and intuitive, as it records all interactions with each person which can be accessed at any time.

When it comes to admissions, you can quickly see exactly what your figures are looking like, no matter where they are along their journey. With s better management system in place, you will be able to accurately forecast important information relating to your admissions processes, as well as identify which channels and methods are performing best.


With HubSpot, your school will be able to reach a broader, more targeted audience with digital marketing. Various ways work together to achieve this, combining the likes of email, content and social media marketing. HubSpot is all about creating content that is of value, and this is what is presented and shared to improve your school's visibility and traffic.

Therefore, content creation needs to be a priority for your school when attracting new students. You need to appeal to the parents who are likely researching many schools, comparing the different offers, from the curriculum to fees and facilities. To be successful with this, you will need to have a consistent content strategy, a clearly defined USP and strong brand identity for your school.


Leads are one of the most important driving forces for securing admissions. With HubSpot, your school will be able to guide leads through their journey, which includes lead generation and nurturing. Since awareness is the stepping stone to leads, the HubSpot platform enables you to invite your content viewers to share their contact information with your school.

With this data, you can guide them deeper into an ongoing exchange with your school by catering to their needs. The platform will help you in qualifying leads and categorising them accordingly, then facilitate these relations by 'nurturing them.' Once a lead is gained, it is all about carefully meeting their needs to keep them interested and engaged.


HubSpot automation makes communication quick, which is key to maintaining interest and building credibility. You can create alerts for follow-ups and send emails when specific actions are taken. This is also done in a customised manner, appealing to the parents you're reaching as they value this level of personalisation. Your website will also have live chat functionality, where support is offered to parents viewing the site with chatbots. With this software, you will have and manage all of your various communication touchpoints with ease, to the delight of interested parents.


Since HubSpot allows for various integrations, you can manage multiple aspects of your business from the platform, using the linked apps. These integrations include social media, sales, lead generation, workflow and analytics tools. Your school can therefore have video software ready to go, or integration with e-commerce sites for your school's shop. With so much powerful technology prepared to facilitate your business operations, HubSpot is the one-stop platform that can empower you as a business, driving more admissions in a high functioning manner.

HubSpot is a new way to drive school admissions in 2022. This is achieved by its system processes, awareness, leads, communication and integration. With this powerful combination of digital marketing and systems management in place, your school will be able to reach more families and secure more enrollments.

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