HubSpot & New Start Ups Case Study:  STEM for Kids Dubai

Nexa June 04, 2016

Dubai is known throughout the world as a new and exciting place with some of the world's best tourist attractions and home to the regional headquarters of some of the biggest and well-known companies across the globe.  For those who aren't aware, Dubai is also an entrepreneurial hotbed, with a business infrastructure that attracts business-people, both young and old to start new enterprises.

As a digital marketing agency, we speak to many new start-up businesses about how they will market their company as well as their products and services.  Depending on the type of business, the company founder's understanding of marketing and a range of other information, our team will propose the best digital marketing strategy that they feel will provide the best results for a company.  In what follows, we'll explain the approach used and implemented for a new client.


We were approached by the founders of STEM for Kids, a new business that was about to be launched in Dubai.  The business, as the name suggests, provides STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths) based educational learning for children in Dubai.  In addition to this, the company would also provide one-off events, Summer Camps and work with individual schools, where customised web pages will be required for registration and payment purposes.

As new business, the company therefore required the following:

  • A new website
  • A way of managing customer data and databases
  • A method of communicating regularly with the databases
  • A way of managing school data and information
  • A dynamic way of managing and updating the new website as the company were still finalising the service offering
  • A website that will ranking well on Google


Upon consultation, our team quickly recognised that the business needed a scalable solution that allowed the company to not only grow but to grow in a highly efficient way where the website, various databases and communication were fully aligned in one single platform.  

Based on this, our team proposed the implementation and use of HubSpot to the client.


There were a number of reasons as to why HubSpot seemed like the ideal solution for STEM for Kids:

  • The website could be created, managed and analysed using this platform
  • The HubSpot CRM tool allows all customer and potential customer information to be used and managed
  • HubSpot's email marketing tools easily link website pages and customer data meaning highly personalised emails could be sent and tracked.
  • HubSpot allows the easy creation of web pages and landing pages
  • HubSpot allows blog articles to be easily created, which in turn helps the search engine visibility of the website


Upon the creation of a HubSpot account for the business, our team worked with the STEM for Kids team to design and Screen_Shot_2016-06-04_at_10.26.40.pngcreate a new website.  The website, as mentioned above, was developed using the HubSpot COS platform.  This is similar to other platforms such as Wordpress or Drupal, but with a number of added advantages such as the integration to email marketing and the CRM tool.  The website was also built using SSL technology, which is a Google recommendation and is a feature fully supported by HubSpot's COS platform.

Once the website was created and hosted (hosted by HubSpot), the only thing that was left was to populate the content and create the company's first blog article and email campaigns.  Again, both of these components were instantly easier and were managed via the HubSpot platform.


The first activity that tested the power of the solution was the company's first STEM for Kids Open Day, which was to be held at a local school in Dubai.  Our team worked with the STEM for Kids team to create the following:

  • Landing Page for the Open Day
  • Create registration forms to allow parents to register their details
  • Create a marketing plan to target parents who lived within a short proximity of the school
  • Total time for campaign: 7 days!

Our team created a social media marketing campaign using Facebook and Instagram with a highly targeted focus that included:

  • Parents who live within a 5km radius of the school
  • Parents of children aged between 4 and 10
  • Teachers who worked at schools within a 20km radius

Campaign Results:

Within 5 days of the campaign, over 100 children had registered for the open day with a 65% turnout for the actual event.  In addition:

  • All customer data was stored within HubSpot and could be use for future campaigns
  • All attendance confirmations were automatically sent out by email once a form was completed

Feedback from the client:

"At first, when HubSpot was suggested to us as a platform, we weren't sure whether we needed such a powerful or comprehensive solution.  But 4 months on, we can safely say that without HubSpot and the flexibility that the website provides us, our business would not have grown as quickly as it has without it.  

All of our data, customer communication and the management of prospects is centralised into the HubSpot platform and this provides us with a solid foundation for the business.  In addition, we know who visits our site, what emails they open, what pages they look at and how often they come back with provides us with real insights into which products are likely to be the most popular.  

Earlier this week, we launched our STEM for Kids Summer Camps page on the website.  The page took only 10 minutes to create and within 24 hours had received over a dozen phone calls as well as 3 registrations.  The speed at which our website pages get found has blown our minds.  Thank you Nexa"  



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