Podcast Studio / Recording in Dubai: How to start your company’s show or series

Amit Vyas January 02, 2016

Content is king, but the key to having a winning strategy is knowing which mediums are best suited to sharing a particular story so that it reaches and resonates with your audience.  We at Nexa, along with the global marketing community have been preaching the value in podcasting for years. We don’t need to tell you the reasons why - we’ve covered that before, but if your business is seriously considering starting your own show or series and making this content available via a podcast, here's how to get started...

How to start podcasting:

Technically speaking, you could create your own podcast using a smartphone and publish it directly to the internet. That being said, the market is diluted with over 700 000 podcasts on iTunes alone. This means your podcast will need to be of high quality to stand out for all the right reasons. When it comes to photography, for instance, everyone with a smartphone is equipped with an entry level tool to take photographs, but that does not mean they understand the composition or the lighting. This same logic applies to podcasting - we're not talking about the cheap microphones you insert into your phone and the freely available editing software, we're talking about the real deal of audio creation. 

In a nutshell, provide high quality audio content that is easy to consume, insightful and inspirational. You'll not only benefit from the high engagement rates of this medium, but you'll get a head start on the developing trend of voice search engine optimisation. Here's what you'll need to begin your podcast series:

  • A running theme 

    • The equivalent to a social media follower is a podcast subscriber. Listeners will only subscribe to shows where there is a consistent theme. You are creating a show, so there needs to be a concept that is explored with each episode. This is easy if you are in a business-to-business environment, where you can talk about general areas of interest relating to your business. Another example is having an interview series, where you speak with relevant guests about business topics. 
  • Show notes - not a script

    • Podcasting is an audio experience, so the person presenting the show needs to be well-selected. They need to have a captivating voice and speak in a way that comes across as natural and comfortable when discussing the topics covered.  Avoid long scripts and keep your content fresh - listeners can tell when they’re being read to, so avoid this at all costs as that is when interest drops.  More than helping you prepare for your episode, show notes are a great feature as they can  your audio files allowing listeners to read related information.
  • The equipment

    • Contrary to popular belief, the hardware that you will need to record your own Podcast isn’t too expensive. What you will need to consider is the type of show you're hosting before investing. If you're going to be mobile and interviewing people or live streaming events, you'll want to get mobile friendly mics with cords available, whereas if you're recording monologues or roundtable talks in a studio or at your office, you can get standardised mics. Accessories such as headphones or earphones, filters or windscreens will also need to be considered. 
  • A sound engineer

    • Probably more important that having the right equipment is having someone who can use it and help produce, edit and publish the podcast online. This will save you time and ensure that your audio clips are impeccable in their quality and delivery. You will also be able to introduce a jingle that becomes synonymous with your show. 


There’s a faster way to start:

If you’re looking at starting your own show or series but are unsure of whether you want to make the type of investment needed, we can help. At Nexa, we have the recording facilities, equipment, sound engineers and marketing professionals available who can help you with the following:

  • Show outlines and recording schedules
  • Podcast / microphone training 
  • Production, recording and editing of podcasts
  • Publishing across iTunes, Soundcloud, Spotify, Podomatic and other platforms
  • Marketing of your podcast to your desired listener audience

Getting started

Starting your own Podcast series is easier than you think. At Nexa, we’ve invested in the equipment, technology and publishing platforms so that you as a business can record your podcasts and have them available to listeners within 24 hours.  

Contact us by completing the form on this page and our team will talk to you about the options available for your business.


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