The Advantages of Podcasts for Your Business

Shannon Correia June 21, 2021

Podcasts are a powerful medium to drive business success. By having a podcast show or series, you can communicate with your audience, sharing all sorts of informative content. It is a great way to foster ongoing engagement and helps you establish your business as an industry leader. Here’s a look at the many advantages this offers. 

The Power of Podcasts

Podcasts have gained their popularity as a medium thanks to their personal nature (since you’re listening in for a period of time consistently), and its mobility factor (people often tune in to podcasts when multitasking, such as en route to work). Use these to your advantage as well - when your business understands its audience and goals, you can fit seamlessly into the routine of your listeners.

Since this is a spoken medium that is generally planned, though not read out and rehearsed, you can engage in conversation and provide an environment that puts listeners at ease. This is another way to utilise this medium since familiarity and comfort go a long way in building long-term relationships with audiences. 

Finally, you can re-use the content from your podcast for various marketing initiatives. For example, you can have an interview transcribed and shared on the company blog. You can also generate excitement for an upcoming episode by sharing an audio clip via your business’s social media platforms. It’s also incredibly easy to get started with podcasting, so the barriers to entry are minimal, especially when compared to video content, for example.

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Advantages for Business Using Podcasts

Now that we've covered all the benefits of the medium, let's take a closer look at the ways it can benefit your business.

Podcasts Establish Your Brand

Podcasts can quite literally be the voice of your business. It can help to establish your brand - the essence of what your business is about, what you do, and why it matters. An important knock-off effect of this is that credibility in your brand deepens, and your business will be able to establish itself as an authority within its industry. You can share all sorts of information, from advice to insights in various different podcasting formats, like Q&A style segments or more traditional-style storytelling.

Branding is a very important part of marketing for your business, though this advantage needs a strategy behind it to be effective. That is to say, you needn’t offer endless valuable content for free each week, but rather to inspire and encourage others to turn to your business. That leads us to the next advantage which is to:

Encourage Loyalty Among Audiences

When you’re actively engaging with your audience on a continuous basis, you’ll be building routine and rapport. This will encourage audiences to stick with and follow your brand on a recurring basis.

You’re creating loyalty, even if it is just to your podcast series, though this will undoubtedly lead to ongoing support and dedication on behalf of your business as well. With a podcast, you can show your expertise, dedication to providing value, and stand out as a business people can rely upon. 

Expand Your Business’s Reach

You may be able to leverage podcasting hosting platforms to expand your reach. By covering topics of interest, your business can appeal to new audiences. It is important to note that podcast listeners are generally highly engaged, meaning they’re likely to tune into an entire episode. Therefore, podcasts connect you with an active audience, which presents you with the potential to have a lasting effect. 

Another way to extend your reach is to invite guests as speakers on your podcast. This way, you can gain some of their fans and followers too, all while introducing new perspectives to your series that can offer added value. 

In fact, collaborating with others and industry players will also allow your business to network and build wider industry-level connections too. To further expand upon this, you can also invite sponsorships and advertisements via successful podcasts. 

An Affordable Way to Share Content 

Podcasts can be produced and shared on a low budget. You can either invest in recording equipment or rent out a podcasting recording space to improve the quality, as this will help your business stand out among the many podcasts available on the market. With the right knowledge to offer listeners, you can produce and share this at a low cost to your company. This makes it one of the most affordable marketing techniques for content creation and distribution. 

Optimization for Your Business

Podcasts can help generate more traffic to your website. With this, you have the opportunity to generate more leads and encourage lead conversions. This is therefore a highly effective tool for marketers to use, and yet another way for your business to entrench itself in the digital world. 

Moreover, podcasts can improve a business’s rankings among search engines. There are various ways to optimize podcasts content, which is especially helpful with the growth of voice searches occurring online. Individual episodes will be indexed by search engines, so businesses can use this medium to build a library of content that is easily accessed by audiences, and improve their domain authority at the same time. 

The Multiple Podcasting Advantages for Businesses

That wraps up our take on the various ways a podcast can help your business to achieve success. Whether you want to grow your audience, establish your brand, or optimise your content and value offering, podcasts remain a favourite for marketers to use. 

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