The Holistic HR Solution for Your Business

authorShannon Correia dateMay 03, 2021

Human Resources plays a vital role for businesses. When this department is functioning optimally, it can result in business growth and prosperity. In this article, we’ll be introducing you to holistic solutions that can help you achieve just that. We’ll give you a hint: it comes down to the inevitability of digitalization.

What the HR Department Does For Your Business

Before we get to the solution, let’s get into exactly what the HR department does for your business across all of the many roles it consists of:

  • Research: HR is ever-evolving as a business function, and regular market research is required. For instance, looking into the best employment solutions, or the most attractive benefits to draw in international talent. 
  • Recruitment: This is one of the primary tasks for the HR department. A business has employment needs, which HR needs to understand and fulfill. To do this, they have to work with a budget and timeline to find the best possible candidate for a position through a series of interviews.
  • Hiring: Once a suitable candidate has been selected, the agreements and documentation need to be drawn up. This closes the  recruitment process and sets forth the next necessary step, which is onboarding. Onboarding is the process of welcoming new hires to the business and readying them to begin working. 
  • Payments: HR is part of the process of calculating the remuneration for employees. This includes the determination of the amount based on the hours and skills. Then there is the inclusion of employee benefits and the calculation of taxes too. 
  • Policies: Policies are important frameworks and structures that govern the way internal affairs are conducted and implemented. Having this documented and clear for all employees serves the business by regulating it, and needs to be updated as need be. Examples of this include steps on how to handle harassment at the workplace.
  • Discipline: HR departments manage grievance and disciplinary procedures. Managing these processes are vital to maintaining a comfortable company culture and employee satisfaction and accountability. Another aspect of this that is becoming increasingly important is employee wellbeing, where counseling options may be included.
  • Training: Managing your employees in terms of their skills set is also part of HR. Many businesses build stronger workforces by offering and requiring ongoing training to boost the skills and capabilities of the employees. This may be to learn new things, or to update knowledge.

Businesses that are people-focused are the ones that are thriving in today’s market. People are invested and attracted to workplaces that provide support and value to their lives. This requires the business to go the extra mile in terms of seeing their staff as people - not just employees.

For this to happen, a business needs to view its workforce as an asset, and the HR department needs to provide the necessary support. From training to opportunities for career growth, this is what makes HR a holistic business function. 

Some HR departments have earned a bad rep. Your business should work on creating a positive association for it - one that is open and engaging to employees. Check in with staff to ensure that there are healthy working relationships. This will ensure that issues don’t go unnoticed or dealt with, whether that is related to benefits or issues like discrimination. 

holistic hr solution

The Holistic HR Solution

So we’ve now arrived at the crux of what holistic HR is: a people-centered approach. To manage all of the above to the best of your business’s ability, you need a digitalized system that is based on relationships. Enter: customer relationship management (CRM). 

Finding Talent

CRMs allow you to manage your communication with candidates from a central location and in a personalized manner. This helps build better relations with them and expand awareness for your business that in the bigger will play a role in creating communities and talent pools. 

Go Digital

It is important to include digital systems in your processes as they have the ability to improve them and make your teams more efficient and effective. This is especially vital for HRs who are dealing with increasingly virtual workforces. 

HR Functions

CRMs are holistic in that they can help you with each aspect of being in HR - from building a careers website, to managing onboarding and later implementing training. It means you can manage everything from one platform, using data and advanced technology to improve each part of the process.


Having a CRM system means you’re appearing more professional and can thus create admirers and advocates for your brand. This will improve the attitudes and culture within your business. 


CRMs have analytical capabilities that go far beyond data gathered manually. With this, your HR department can improve their understanding and use this information for improved processes and outputs. Think about what you can do with this data - from gaining insights, to candidate benchmarking and making calculated predictions relating to your HR needs. 


Automation is one the biggest draws for CRMs. With this, your HR team can develop workflows for candidates to follow. They can also automate processes that are triggered by certain actions. This saves them a lot of time and ensures that processes are followed. It also means less paperwork.

The Wrap Up

Your business’s HR department is crucial to its culture and success. Across all of its various roles and tasks, the overarching approach needs to be one that values the employees who work for you. To achieve this in an optimal and holistic sense, you need to use a relationship-based digital system. 

The HR Solution for Your Business

We at Nexa understand the power that CRM systems hold. We have helped numerous businesses to implement such solutions for their business holistically, and most recently in a human resources sense. Let us show you how to improve the systems that make up the framework of your business, leading to improved business cultures and successes. Chat with us about to discuss the best HR solution for your business.