The Top 10 Trends in the Video Production Industry

authorShannon Correia dateJune 05, 2021

Video content continues to sweep the internet, bringing entertainment to screens and returns to marketers. In this article, we’ll be diving into the top 10 trends within the video production industry. With these in mind, you’ll be able to level up by capitalising on the future of this medium.

video industry trends

The Video Production Industry

Videos are a crucial element of successful marketing strategies. Not only is this medium relevant and engaging to the majority of audiences online, but social media platforms are actively seeking and promoting video content. Businesses are also building long-term relationships with videographers and in some cases, building their own in-house studios. 

The world’s second biggest search engine, YouTube, is, in fact, a video sharing platform. Additionally, video has become a factor in how search engines rank content. In other words, videos are must-have that continue to dominate.

With so many videos online, you’ve got to ensure yours stands out and resonates with your audience. There are so many elements involved in this creative form of storytelling, and with improvements in technology, creating good content to showcase an element of your brand simply isn’t enough anymore. People rely on video for each stage of the marketing funnel, and they’re being served this content from multiple platforms and angles. 

Here’s a look at the trends to jump on to make sure you stay ahead of the curve with your videos. You’ll notice that these trends lead on from each other, marking an interconnected and overall shift for this content, meaning your business can build and grow simultaneously with videos. 

Top 10 Video Trends


The majority of videos are viewed using mobile devices. As such, video content is being developed to specifically suit these hand-held smartphones. This is also what the majority of video advertising budgets are being poured into. It allows for specific targeting and can be highly effective, especially via social media. The extent of this is expressed by the popularity and normalcy of vertical videos, which were once a rookie taboo. Websites that have videos on their landing pages are also known to increase conversion rates. 

Exceptional Quality

With all of the advances in technology, it goes without saying that quality is paramount. Brands should be producing 4K (or higher) video content where possible, which you can do using the right equipment. These are ultra high definition videos that produce clarity and quality pictures - in other words, it's better than HD. Audiences have become accustomed to this standard of quality from what they see on bigger screens, so brands that match this level will invariably stand out.


When we say multidimensional, we’re talking about videos being created for different channels and purposes. Viewers expect to see video formats across platforms and formats, each which have their own structure and quality expectations attached to them. Marketers are having to take footage and make it work for them by packaging it in different ways as a means of maintaining integrated marketing communication, yet still being relevant and engaging across their various channels. In short, finding creative and unique ways to share one piece of content. For example, shooting video content about a new product which you then shoot and share on TikTok, Instagram (Stories and Reels), and Facebook. Each video clip will need to have its own twist, without confusing or boring your audience, which will also help boost your content on each platform respectively.

All for Social Media

Videos reign supreme on social media - a fact that proves itself over and over again. Following on from the above, developing specific content for each platform is a necessity. But more than this, marketers are having to build their online communities across multiple channels. Content needs to tap into various stages of the customer journey. Many marketers are also encouraging users to share their user generated content in video form. It appeals to social media users and encourages people to advocate for your brand while creating content. 

Live Streaming

Streaming has taken over not only the entertainment industry, but the video production industry too. All sorts of live stream videos are booming, encouraging people to tune in in the moment and experience something virtually. This brings an element of realness and authenticity, as well as the idea of exclusive content that needs to be consumed as it happens. This has taken the likes of fashion week by storm, bringing new audiences to the front row, so to speak. It works for events, interviews, and behind-the-scenes - as with all video, it’s incredibly versatile and one which should be featured in marketers video strategies going forward. Influencers are also turning to live streams for their content, with viewings for this type of content increasing significantly.

Creative Edits

Finding creative ways to edit your video content can transform it and truly set you apart. There are so many ways to do this, from showing off a product or space in different ways by changing up the speed so that there are compelling slow motions contrasted with fast-forwarding. The platform that the video is being created for will determine the kind of edits to incorporate, and this can easily set your content segments apart for the different channels. For instance, a two-minute video on your website can be packaged into a 60-second clip for TikTok with transitions, then a quicker 30-second clip for Instagram’s Reels. These bite-size bits are the best way to catch and hold the attention of audiences. Once this has occurred, you can move into sharing longer-from content where appropriate, like your YouTube channel. 


Interactive videos make it possible for people to get involved in the video. There are many ways to make this happen, from swivelling around in a 360-degree video that lets you see multiple angles and put you in the centre of a space, to the likes of videos where you can navigate and choose the storyline. These videos are very much possible, though rather pricey to produce. Nevertheless, they are a trend and one that more and more customers will come to expect. This allows people to feel a sense of virtual immersion and the truest form of try-before-you-buy.

Virtual Reality

Following hot on the heels of interactive video content, the inception of online reality worlds is also a trend to watch and get it on where possible. Technology giants are developing the technology and equipment to make this readily available and realistic. This is also changing the way people are consuming video content, and presenting marketers with highly effective ways to share their products with audiences. This is a wide-ranging trend, extending from the likes of augmented reality filters on Snapchat to branded virtual worlds that invite you to participate by simulating the ‘test driving’ of their products. 

Stills and Animations

By stills, we’re referring to cinema-graphs, a production technique that brings photographs to life by manipulating them for video content. This brings together visuals in a creative way. These can be used in all sorts of marketing communication. On the other hand, there is the ongoing trend of animated videos. These are being used by brands both internally and externally. Animations can help in explaining concepts and representing brands.

Shoppable Videos

Leaving perhaps the biggest and best trend for last, shoppable video content is the number one trend to watch. Brands are creating lifestyle content clips that seamlessly include products that can be shopped with a click of a button. It presents a new way to reach customers and allow them to shop with ease. 

Video Trends Mark the Future 

There you have it, the low down on the video production industry and the trends that are set to shape its future. As a marketer, the goal of getting on board as an early adopter can see you leading with a competitive advantage with results that speak for themselves. 

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