The Top Web Design Company in Dubai: 5 signals to look out for when looking for the best fit for your business

Amit Vyas January 31, 2016

When building a new website, whether it's a redesign of a existing website or the creation of a brand new one, it's important that a company selects the right partner for their business.  In a city where web design companies and digital marketing experts are a dime a dozen, it's vital that you understand how to differentiate between a company that really does know what they are doing and one that doesn't but just simply talks the talk without knowing the steps involved in walking the walk.

In the web design industry, I'm sure that most providers will claim to be the top web design company in Dubai, so fighting through the clutter at this stage to find the best web design supplier for your business is just as important as the design, build and final product.


Here are 5 things to look out for when selecting the best web design company for your business:

  • Experience matters.  In a place like Dubai, businesses tend to come and go.  But if you are embarking on a new website design project, there is a chance that you will require on-going support and expertise as your business develops or the needs of your business changes.  Making sure that you select a long-term partner for your business is vital as many of the top web design companies in Dubai will not work on another developers website code.
  • Past Portfolio will tell you a lot.  Often, the best way of checking to see whether a web design company has the skill set or experience that you require for your project, is to check the portfolio of that company and analyze whether they have actually built the websites they claim to have created.  If a small boutique agency claim to have built the Four Seasons Global website, there's a good chance that this may not be the entire truth, so whenever you're in doubt, ask to speak to the client as a reference before you move forward and sign any contracts.
  • Do they understand your business?  Unlike many developed countries, where the web design industry has matured, there are very few of the top web design companies in Dubai that specialise in certain industries.  If you have a very specialised business that requires specialised understanding, make sure that the people you speak to INCLUDING the business development team, senior management, lead designer and technical team all fully understand the task ahead of them.
  • Do they talk process?  With 10 years of experience behind us, nobody understands that value of having rigid processes implemented better than us!  But it's important that you, as the customer, fully understands the complete web design process involved from creative ideation to testing and implementation.  This process needs to be documented and explained to you at a early stage.  Without a fixed process for your project there's a good chance that your project will run substantially over time and over budget.
  • Do they have a FULL in-house team?  Last but not least, and probably the most important question to ask is "who will actually be working on your project?".  For a project as important as yours, it's important that you have access to the team working on your project so that the project runs smoothly from start to finish.  Even before you start, you should look to speak to account managers, the lead design team, the developers and even the SEO team to ensure that your vision can be translated into a website that ranks will and generates business for you.  You'd be surprised as to how much information is lost in communication and the last thing you need to do is spend countless hours on Skype calls to Mumbai, Karachi, Cape Town or Warsaw trying to explain your business to the development team actually working on your project.

Bonus Tip:

  • Today, websites are not just a company brochure for your business, and the best sites will generate volumes of quality leads from new prospects.  Therefore, ask the web design agency about their experience in the following:
    • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    • Content Marketing:  Including content creation and optimization
    • Social Media:  The best websites need to be socially connected to the correct platforms for your business.
    • Mobile:  The fastest growing area of search and web is mobile, so it's important that the web design team have deep knowledge of this.

We hope this helps, but if you are interested in understanding more about new website design and what you need to include in your new site, please download our latest E-Book:  25 Website Must Haves For Your New Website.

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