Top Web Developers in UAE

Shannon Correia July 11, 2021

With an estimated 1.7 billion websites online, it’s no wonder that web developers are high in demand. These are the creative and technical wizards of the digital world that create websites and pages. If you’re looking for web developers in the UAE, consider working with one of our top picks listed below.

Working with Web Developers

Websites are so much more than a digital storefront - they have become business assets. It is imperative for businesses to have one and to populate it with all of the relevant and necessary information, from your brand story to your products and/or services. Marketers also use these sites as a mechanism to build awareness and carry out lead strategies. 

So, your business needs a website, but the fact is: not all websites are the same. To make your stand out, you’ve got to ensure it's well designed. And for that, you’ll probably need the help of a web developer. They’ll ensure the technicalities are in order so that your site is secure and provides visitors with a positive user experience. Some of the characteristics of a well designed and developed website include:

  • Responsiveness
  • Adaptiveness
  • User-friendly interface
  • Graphics
  • Fast loading time 
  • Optimized content
  • Functional layout
  • Clear pathways 
  • Integrations 

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Top Web Developers in the UAE

There are many web developers you can work with. Some agencies and platforms offer services from a base in the UAE, or several remote options as well. Here’s a look at some of these options for your website:


Nexa is a leading digital marketing agency based in Dubai, with over 15 years of experience. We offer full-service marketing in addition to website and mobile app development for our clients, from government entities to start-ups. 

The team at Nexa approaches web development with a process that works, having continually refined our methodology. This results in a smooth process with fewer delays, leading to the creation of a website that helps to drive your business’s performance. We also offer in-house project management support. By having a project manager assigned to you, you can ensure the website is managed and carried out, without requiring business execs to devote unnecessary and valuable time throughout the process. 

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Uplers is a talent platform for the technology industry, with a full range of digital services on offer. You can hire remote web developers and designers, and marketers too. From $25 per hour, businesses can hire end-to-end web design, development, and digital marketing. The web developers listed are part of a diverse pool, with pre-vetted candidates who are ready to help you out. 

BrancoSoft Private Limited

 This is a mobile app development agency, who also specializes in providing consultations and IT outsourcing solutions. Since BrancoSoft’s start in 2011, it has grown to include a client list based around the world, with over 50 highly skilled IT experts who aim to deliver results at competitive pricing. 


 OpenXcell is a leading mobile app development company with headquarters in the USA. Its mission is to incorporate innovative technologies and innovations. OpenXcell aims to be a one-stop software solution for clients, from consultation to end product apps. Clients turn to them for their strict deadline-driven work ethic.

Cyber Infrastructure Inc.

 Cyber Infrastructure Inc aims to empower and enhance the digital experience of users by offering technology solutions. Their services will help you to improve your business using their experience which stretches over 12 years in IT. 

Octal IT Solution

 For outsourcing simplified IT services with a 14-year track record, you can turn to Octal IT Solution. They have a global presence and deliver niche services across web and mobile development. This is a company dedicated to delivering quality standards and unerring results.

Web Choice

Web Choice is a global award-winning, full-service web design, and digital marketing agency. They provide clients with websites & SEO for marketing purposes, creating responsive and secure sites that are designed to produce results. Web Choice incorporates the latest technology and ongoing support.


 For simplified software solutions, work with CodeBright. They work with businesses both big and small with websites that help bring products to the market and your business processes. Their web development spans various complex projects and integrations. 


Blog.teamX offers businesses with eCommerce solutions, UI/UX design, and mobile app development. 


Dubai-based Browser offers a full range of web development and marketing. It includes web design, website maintenance, and support, website hosting, and a range of marketing services, from SEO to branding designs and marketing for social media and on search engines. 

Global Media Insight

This full-service agency offers website design and development, optimization, advertising, marketing, and content production.


Gligx offers software development, UI/UX design, branding, optimization, and marketing. They also offer website design and development, website hosting, and mobile app and development services to clients. 

Code & Co

Code & Co is a full-service web design company and digital marketing agency based in Dubai. They offer results-driven strategies to expand your business with CMS systems, customized websites, eCommerce websites, and mobile apps. This is supported by domain registrations and website hosting, graphic design and branding, optimization, and marketing services. 


A digital agency that values creativity and results. Grafdom offers website design and maintenance, plus eCommerce websites. 


Branex proclaims that they “run the most amazing branding strategies in Dubai.” Their services include branding designs, video animations, optimization, mobile apps, eCommerce development, and custom software development solutions for clients. 

Web Castle

Turn to Web Castle for website development, mobile app development, ERP development, and AI-led business solutions. 

Work with the Leading Web Developers

Since a website is a necessary asset, you’ve got to ensure yours is secure and satisfying for your audiences. This is why you should work with a web developer who has the technical skill and creativity to create an optimal website for your business. 

Whether you need CMS, web design or integrations, eCommerce sites or apps, maintenance, optimization, reporting, consulting, translating, marketing, content, advertising... we’ve got you! Book a slot with us to get started.