Video Advertising Trends for 2022

authorShannon Correia dateSeptember 12, 2021

Video is arguably the best medium for advertising in 2022. Businesses are sharing vlogs to advertise and taking advantage of the fact that you can customize these motion picture ads more than ever before. Let’s take a look at the trends you need to know about for the year ahead. 

video advertising trends in 2022

Insider Info on Video Advertising 

Video, video, video. Marketers the world over have been singing its praises and in 2022, it is becoming even more business-friendly. Customers have taken to video clips for all sorts of reasons, from pure entertainment to learning information and watching demonstrations. 

Vlogs are first-hand video accounts and experiences. These have resulted in people becoming influencers by racking up views and fame. Businesses are finding ways to achieve this for themselves, too. It ties in nicely with Story content, where you get to share the behind-the-scenes looks of your business. 

That said, it needn’t be ephemeral content alone. When filmed professionally, vlogs can successfully share your brand’s stories. It is a meaningful way to connect with customers. A great example of this is G Star RAW. They produce the most world’s most sustainable jeans and effectively share what goes into creating a pair with their audiences. They often share their creative process of their skilled production and tailoring, like this:

Here are content ideas for your business’s next vlog

  • A day in the life, where you showcase your company culture 
  • Sharing specialist knowledge 
  • Sharing customer experiences and testimonials 

Businesses can share unique views and insights with video content. You’re in full control to plan, produce, and edit videos with ease. This can easily go onto your website, with fully customizable options. Now, social media networks, where videos are uploaded and watched endlessly, businesses are getting more control when it comes to video ads, too. 

Video Trends for Businesses in 2022

Let’s have a look at some of the key video advertising trends for the year before we delve into the realm of customizing video ads. 

  • Video advertising is more prevalent than ever, with predictions of this medium reaching $11 billion in spending in 2020. 
  • The video advertising industry itself is estimated to be worth $60 billion. 
  • As a result of the above, businesses are spending less on traditional paid averts, such as TV commercials, while video ads on Facebook and YouTube are predicted to grow by at least 10% every year. 
  • Social media platforms remain a key platform for video ads to be shared. Facebook is the most popular of the lot.
  • Video advertising can be highly targeted, with targeting capabilities continuing to improve, which has increased the success rates of these ads. 
  • AI is leading the way for personalized video ads. With this technology, viewers can see ads that are in line with their interests, making them more likely to connect with the content and take action.
  • Taking this a step further, interactive videos continue to grow in popularity. This allows for direct viewer engagement with the video.
  • Videos that use VR capabilities continue to increase as well, as customers prefer the ‘try before you buy’ elements and no-contact that eCommerce enables.
  • Video ads in 2022 are including the use of VoiceOver. This is also important as the rise in video searches online continues to grow. There is also the inclusion of captions, which social media channels are now automating, as there are also many people who watch videos without the sound on. 
  • Shoppable videos are continuing to grow, creating seamless online shopping experiences. These direct pause to shop ads are highly effective, playing into the instantaneousness that consumers of today enjoy. This is a great way to effectively evolve your eCommerce offering. 

Social Media for Video Ads

As we mentioned above, social media are crucial platforms for marketers. Here’s a look at the various benefits it offers businesses: 

  • You can record live, which is great for events and behind-the-scenes previews. 
  • You can retarget customers with video ads. 
  • The video content shared can be repurposed for other social media networks too. 
  • These platforms can provide you with a lot of reach, and video content generates around 4x the views than images do. This increases your brand’s awareness and visibility on the market, plus your conversion rates. 
  • Facebook video ads are cost-effective, with precise targeting and flexible payment options resulting in maximum exposure for your budget. 
  • People spend significant amounts of time on social media, meaning you can capture your audience's attention continually.
  • Video ads have a long lifespan, with almost all social media networks moving toward a video-centric focus. 

Are You Making the Most of Video Content?

There is so much opportunity when it comes to video advertising. Consider the following: 

  • Do you have all of your platforms set up? This includes having a YouTube channel!
  • Have you denitrified your niche, brand, and audience?
  • Do you have a professional team ready to create regular, quality content that will stand out? Ads are getting shorter and with the likes of interactive video, you'll want to work with the pros to make the most of this medium.
  • Is video an integrated part of your marketing strategy?

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