Video Content Trends for 2021

Shannon Correia January 24, 2021

Creating videos is a non-negotiable part of marketing mixes in 2021. The number of video content available online continues to grow and prove its position of high engagement rates. Here’s a look at the top trends that you should be incorporating into your strategy for the year ahead.

Video has arguably become the number one form of entertainment for many. With an increasing number of people spending hours online, much of the content shared is in video format. It includes both organic and advertising content, with algorithms rewarding engaging content in video form. Content that includes video can result in your content being ranked higher on search engines.

In simple terms, billions of hours of video content are being uploaded and consumed online each minute - and that is no exaggeration. With so much affinity for them, videos are transforming marketing with trends geared towards increasing customer conversions. In many cases, it is an extension of your brand’s content marketing.

Before we dive into the trends, it is essential to note that all demographics are engaging with video content. While Gen Z’s may find this content native, the older generations are using them to learn new things, stay up to date with technology, and stirring up nostalgia. Marketers will need to keep this in mind when developing their video strategies.

Video has the power to add to your marketing activities in many ways. This includes gaining leads, increasing sales and growing your ROI. When developing your marketing plans for video, many businesses are relying on performance-based models. This is due to the high number of videos and the level of production required.

If a business cannot shoot their continuous stream of videos, they can purchase stock video content and then transform this with their marketing messages. Marketers are using video to teach audiences in their preferred method of learning, as opposed to texts, manuals, presentations or sales demonstrations. This is one of the reasons why animated videos are so popular.

Top 5 Video Content Trends

1 - Social Media

Social media platforms are updating to accommodate video content. TikTok, for instance, has seen exponential growth and is a video-based app. Meanwhile, Instagram has included a ‘reels’ feature to allow users to share similar content. Facebook, the other social media giant, has long since favoured this form of content too.


2 - Interactivity

Whether it's a 360-degree video, one with customisable shoppable products or explorable hotspot areas, these are the video kings for brands in 2021. Augmented reality will continue to rise, especially within the retail industry. By investing in the technology that allows for this, you provide your virtual customers with a ‘try before you buy’ experience, allowing them to see your product in their own space, or see how products would look on them.

3 - User-Generated Content

UGC in video form is influential for brands as it demonstrates first-hand experience from your customers. This is trusted by potential customers who value these third party reviews, holding them in high regard. Brands who encourage this from their customers are gaining brand advocates of the highest possible credentials in 2021.

4 - Mobile Content

Marketers trace a lot of traffic back to engaging video content, which is predominant on mobile devices. Going live will continue to grow, as will brand vlogging and shoppable video content. Regardless of the medium, high quality is preferred and optimal, with the norm changing from 4K to 8K in 2021.

5 - Multi-Channel

Video content adapted to suit a variety of channels is a must - including edits that work best for each platform that they are shared on to increase its effectiveness. This way, marketers can stretch their content and tweak it to target consumers better and offer soundless video options. Another aspect to note is the emergence of both short and long video content - in some cases, ad times are extended, while in other instances, a few seconds is all that is needed.


There you have it, the roundup of need-to-know and best-to-implement video trends for 2021. With this, your brand will be well on its way to creating highly engaging content online and improving its marketing and sales.

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