Video Sales Proposals - Is This the Future?

Toni Becker April 26, 2021

A few years ago, salespeople would think of video content as a bonus to their sales strategy. Something that was nice-to-have as opposed to a necessity. But as the digital age progresses and digital transformation takes the sales helm, video proposals are quickly becoming an important part of sales strategy.

Video has the power to bridge a communication divide between a seller and a buyer and offers a personalized take on business while providing an easily digestible and entertaining sales proposal experience. The digital age is all about personalization and engagement and this is why video is quickly becoming essential in all elements of business. 

In this article we take a look at why video is becoming a vital part of business strategy and how you can create powerful video sales proposals that will generate results.


The Importance of Video for Business 

Even though chat and email have transformed the way we sell, face-to-face meetings are always ideal as they create a sense of community, trust and personalization. However, since the outbreak of COVID-19, and with social distancing regulations in place, face-to-face meetings have become increasingly difficult to lock down. Zoom meetings have become the go-to, however these meetings  can be quickly interrupted due to bad internet connection, misunderstanding, screen division and a multitude of other issues. With this in mind, there has been a rise in video recording solutions that make it easier to record content and send through short, personalized videos to potential customers. Sales reps now have the opportunity to provide the face-to-face experience without being physically present. Essentially, video sales proposals have become the next best thing.

By providing your potential customer with a video that lends a face to the business and a face to the name, you are able to instill trust which drives sales. Still not sure how this can benefit you?

Video accounts for more than 75% of the world's internet traffic. With this number in mind you can be sure that your potential customer likes video content and can easily engage with this kind of content. In fact, Cisco’s Visual Networking Index has forecasted that by 2022, video will account for a whopping 82% of internet traffic. So it is important you get ahead of this trend and make it a part of your sales strategy. People like video, so provide them with video! You see, businesses have already started picking up on this trend and you don’t want to get left in the dust of your competitors. 

As it stands, 87% of marketing and sales people are using video on a regular basis because these videos are providing results.

So, what exactly are the benefits of video sales proposals? Let's take a look. 

The Benefits Video Sales Proposals

As stated previously, video is becoming a necessity in all areas of business, from marketing through to sales. It is essential for those looking to increase their sales pipeline and drive more deals. Below, we take a look at the benefits that come with a video proposal strategy. 

Benefits of Using Personalized Videos with Sales Proposals

  • Quicken The Sales Cycle: In today’s busy business climate, professionals are not able to sit down and read through a lengthy proposal, or sit through a PowerPoint presentation for that matter. However, an easily digestible and personalized video will keep their attention for a few minutes. If you send through an email with a video they will be more likely to click play than download a long-form PDF and read through it. If you provide a 5 minute video that quickly summarizes the highlights of your proposal, they can watch it and if they like it, forward it through to the decision makers within a second. This means that everyone is on the same page in a shorter amount of time - which in turn, shortens the sale cycle.

  • Develop Trust and Build Relationships: We are more connected than ever before and today, sales people have become used to talking to potential clients through text or email. This divide via screen takes away from a sense of trust or community and creates a sense of disconnect. Through personalized video you are able to give your business a face and build an instant connection and trust with your potential client from the start.

  • Clearly Convey your Business Message: As opposed to text based proposals, your prospects are able to simply click play and hear and see the message you want to provide. This also ensures that any important points don’t get lost in translation or become muddied like they can quickly become in an overwhelming PDF or PowerPoint proposal. 
  • Cut Through The Noise: Most decision makers in a business receive hundreds of emails a day and you want to make sure that your proposal stands out in their inbox. By sending through a powerful video introduction video or full on video proposal, you are able to stand out and get ahead of your competitors who can quickly get lost among hundreds of other text based messages. I mean, an executive just needs to click play as opposed to downloading a PDF and taking time out to read through page upon page of information.

  • Greater Response Rate: How many times have you sent out emails and gotten responses? The response rate for text is much lower than that of video. This is because your potential customers will appreciate the effort you put into your proposal and this will improve your response rate significantly. 

So, now that we have outlined the benefits of video proposals, let’s take a look at some video sales proposal ideas.

What to Include in Your Video Sales Proposal 

  • Introduce the Team: Give your business face. It is important that you introduce your potential customers to your team members. This gives your business a personalized edge and builds trust which leads to greater sales.
  • Testimonials: Ask some of your customers if they would be open to sharing out their experience with your business and the value your business adds to their organization. This is another way to build trust and prove the value of your business.
  • Service and Product Demonstration: By presenting a personalized demo to your prospect you are able to show your potential customer your offering in real time  and they are able to see what they can expect from your business.
  • Frequently Asked Questions: Add an FAQ element to your video by answering the top 10 FAQs. This is a huge time saver and can significantly shorten the sales process.
  • Understand the Problem and Outline Your Solution: Make sure to explain that you understand the needs of your potential customer and the problem they need solved. Once you show your potential customer that you understand their issue, you can explain and demonstrate how you are able to solve it. 

If you are unsure of where to begin with your strategy, a professional video marketing and production agency can  help you create a unique brand voice that is authentic and trustworthy, ensuring your sales proposal resonates with your target audience.

How We Can Help

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