What are the Best Digital Channels to Attract New Employees?

authorShannon Correia dateMay 06, 2021

When attracting new employees, your business may be wondering which digital channels to use. In this article, we’ll be going through the best channels to attract top candidates, from recruitment platforms to your own website and social media. We’ll also be sharing some tips with you on how to optimize these job ads. 

digital recruitment channels

The Best Digital Channels for Recruitment  

Recruitment Platforms

These websites are the bread and butter of digital recruitment as it is the modern-day version of traditional classified job ads. The largest platforms like Glassdoor, Indeed, Monster, and Google Jobs, work well in many countries across the world. When hiring, local recruitment platforms that are country-specific should also be considered. This works well when hiring locally, or entering into a new market to hire remote workers from foreign countries. 

The platforms have many listings, along with other useful content for candidates. For instance, they can read blog posts about what to expect during an interview, see what they can do to improve their profile and application, and even have their CV’s written and tailored to their industry. Once they apply for a role, there are often automatic updates which help to manage the process. 

Best digital channel for: Recruitment platforms are a great way to reach a wide audience and draw in a large selection of candidates.

Social Media

Social media channels allow you to hone in on specific individuals, which can be useful when you’re looking for a specific skillset. This is especially true for creative candidates, as these social profiles often include portfolios of their work. These spaces are also a great way to build and promote your own brand as an employer. 

Let’s discuss the obvious - LinkedIn is the go-to as the world’s largest professional network. You can post ads, find matching candidates and scope out the public CV’s of potential employees. There are other social media platforms you can use for social recruiting as well, like posting job ads in Facebook groups, finding thought-based connections on Twitter, or reaching out directly to people via Instagram.

Best digital channel for: Headhunting and attracting top-tier talent to your business. It builds a community of people through virtual networking across social media channels. 


You can attract new employees directly on your website. Many businesses have a ‘careers’ section where people can browse vacancies or send through their details to keep on record for future opportunities. If you like the idea of this but would like to keep your website free from recruitment information, you can build a micro careers website. It can include vacancies, information about your business, what it’s like to work for you and testimonials from your current employees. 

When attracting talent via your own website, you’ll need to build your brand as an employer. This will entice people to show interest in working for your business. You can keep them informed and excited about what your business is doing and where its headed.

Best digital channel for: Attracting prospective employees who are already familiar with your brand. This can speed up the process of explaining the business and determining whether the candidate is passionate about the brand.

Recruiters may opt to use one of the digital channels mentioned to attract talent. If more than one are used, it is important to manage and keep track of all of the applications. For that, we suggest using a customer relationship management (CRM) system. In the meantime, you’ll need to ensure you’re using these channels optimally. Here’s how...

Tips To Attract New Employees

While you’ll need to be active on one or more of the channels mentioned above, your business needs to ensure that it stands out from the rest. The message you share about the role and your business is an important element in attracting top candidates to become your new employees. Here are some of the ways your can do this:

  • Optimize: Optimizing content according to each platform is key in ensuring that it performs well. Using keywords, for example, will be crucial in attracting talent across the various digital channels. 
  • Advertise: Organic reach isn’t always enough. Your business could benefit from a wider reach, which is why promoting your job ad is an effective way of reaching candidates. 
  • Database: Building a database and maintaining relationships with these people is a great way to build a talent pool for current and future vacancies. It also means you can grow a network of passive candidates who are not currently on the job market, but may be interested in keeping their options open.
  • Referrals: Internal hiring and referrals are a great way to attract new employees. These candidates will be pre-qualified in a sense, since someone who is already working with you has vouched for them. 
  • ContentBuild a bank of content for your business. This will market your business in a positive manner. 

The Wrap Up

The best digital channels to attract new employees are local and global recruitment platforms, social media platforms and your business’s website. By optimizing the content in your job ad, advertising the posts, and building a database, you’ll be improving your ability to attract and retain talent for your business. 

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