5 Reasons Why Your Website Needs Responsive Web Design in 2015

Amit Vyas November 23, 2014
Until now, the idea that businesses should make their websites just as accessible to mobile users as desktop users has been a secondary objective where adequate but imperfect solutions ran rampant.

Responsive web design marks a way for businesses to have one website with a different layout depending upon the device and resolution used to view that site.

Let's explore why your next website should be be created by website design Dubai skilled in mobile website design.

1. It Increases Your Reach to Mobile and Tablet Users

Recent studies have begun to suggest that not only are the amount of customers using mobile devices and tablets to order products increasing, but the number of people who use these devices is on the rise as well.

This means that most web services Dubai should recommend that you begin developing a single website using responsive web design for every member of your potential audience. This ensures that everyone can view some version of your website with the same amount of information.

2. You Don't Need Multiple Copies of Your Website

One of the biggest complains that businesses have when planning for mobile and tablet users with web services Dubai is that they can't maintain multiple versions of their website.

Responsive web design allows for one website to be displayed in a variety of ways. This means that you only need to update information, add new pages and add additional content to one website without having to worry about resizing pictures, synchronizing content and updating multiple pages with the same content displayed that's just displayed in a different way.

3. One Source for Analytics and Reporting

Another technical problem when it come sot mobile website design is the fact that multiple web pages designed for different viewing devices creates multiple pages to track. When it come sot compiling this data for analytics, it can become a nightmare.

Website design Dubai recognizes that one website with only as many pages as you need will result in analytics and reporting data that's easier to interpret

4. Integrate Web Applications Easier

A responsive website design Dubai will allow your web pages to be viewed offline and in applications with fewer bugs. This happens because responsive mobile website design follows HTML5 standards, which has been shown to be both easier and more logical for programmers to follow than past iterations of the HTML standard.

5. Don't Waste Time or Money on Mobile Development

Web services Dubai have seen numerous businesses that turned away from the idea of making their website accessible to mobile audiences because of the prohibitive cost that goes along with mobile web development.

Developing a website design that works for all devices before the introduction of responsive website design meant that you'd need to test your website on every device that you could find.

Responsive design works for every device and browser who meets compliance with the standards presented by HTML5. That means development is simpler and streamlined.

Every Business Should Use Responsive Design

As the number of mobile and tablet users increase, businesses should do their best to ensure that these potential customers can access the web with just as many features as their devices can handle.

The only way to ensure that this audience can do that is by ensuring that they can access the information available on your website without having to work through a broken design or separate instance of your website by using responsive web design.