10 Social Media Platforms You Need to Know in 2022

Shannon Correia July 23, 2021

Social media platforms are undoubtedly imperative to many digital marketing strategies. For businesses, there are a number of channels to choose from. It is generally accepted that each business needs to focus its efforts on the platforms that make sense for their business. That being said, here are the top platforms you need to know in 2022. 

social media platforms

  1. Facebook

Let’s begin with the age-old elephant in the room. Facebook remains a major player in the social media realm. This is a central place to have a page for your business, and one which can help make your digital marketing well rounded and connected with the Facebook giant's partner platforms. This is more so an informational base that provides a layer of credibility to your brand, containing the contact details and longer-form updates which you share elsewhere. 

  1. Instagram

Following on from the Facebook giant is Instagram. This app is one that spans a couple of generations, to migrate to become a video-sharing platform primarily. This change has sparked many criticisms, as people are gaining what feels like a copycat app at the expense of losing out on the ability to share photos. That said, people use Instagram heavily, sharing photos, videos, and ephemeral content for the moment, so it’s best to create varied content for the app and monitor how it’s changing. 

  1. WhatsApp

Technically speaking, WhatsApp is a messaging app. That said, the app holds a lot more potential than simply sharing messages with your contacts. In fact, this has become a communication channel for direct communication between businesses and their customers. It offers people a comfortable link to finding out information and getting instant or chat-bot responses to queries. 

  1. TikTok

Instagram’s biggest rival is the not-so-new comer TikTok. We needn’t tell you that the app has surpassed expectations, growing from its primarily youthful user base to appealing to older generations as well. It is a space for video content that is entertaining, and many businesses are jumping on the bandwagon in creative ways. It is a relatively easy way to grow and reach people in new ways. 

  1. YouTube

The other major platform for video is YouTube, which is the second biggest search engine in the world. With millions of hours of video content watched by people around the world, this is an effective space to share longer-form content - whether it's product demos or podcast recordings. YouTube is also working on promoting Shorts which is shorter form content, so watch this space for developments that could help grow your business. 

  1. Snapchat

The OG of ephemeral content is Snapchat. The app is technically a messaging platform and can offer more privacy for users. It is still massively popular in regions like the Middle East. This platform offers businesses the chance to create and feature curated article-type content and shows, as well as filters that can help you to promote or showcase an event or product. 

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  1. Twitter

Twitter is a trickier one when it comes to businesses since this platform is primarily used to share snippets of textual commentary. However, many businesses use it as a platform to share updates, provide customer service, and join in on trending topics where they see fit. The future of the app is in question, as the latest update, Twitter Blue, did not tide over well with users. It is worth noting that this is the first social media platform to offer a subscription-based model and one which does not include advertising removal.

  1. LinkedIn

The world’s largest professional social networking app continues to hold importance for businesses in 2022. This is a space where you can connect and engage with clients, partners, and employees. By taking care of your image and profiling on LinkedIn, you’re opening the doorways for networking and employer branding opportunities. 

  1. Clubhouse

Clubhouse has earned itself the newcomer title on the list for 2022. This social media platform is for auditory-only content. While it is invite-only, the app has grown exponentially, though it has faced some security teething issues. While there are limited opportunities for businesses on this social media app, it is steadily growing and one to be watched. 

  1. Pinterest

Pinterest is more popular in the US, though it ranks as the world’s 14th largest social media platform. It comes ahead of Twitter and is a space to share content in the form of pins. This platform can be great for link building and niche industries like design and decor.

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Social media platforms have not changed much in recent times. In 2022, the key is to find where your audiences are and meet them there. Once you have your bases, keep an eye on how these platforms are changing to meet evolving social media wants and needs. 

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