B2B Marketing Agency in Dubai: The How, The What and the Who

Shannon Correia September 01, 2020

Marketing is key to business growth. While the field continues to evolve, B2B marketing in particular has seen a transformation in recent years.

With new ways and strategies, comes the mammoth task of thoroughly understanding not only your business, but the industry standards in Dubai and marketing techniques that will result in success for your business. It is for this reason you should consider working with an agency.

Here’s what you need to know…

B2B marketing agencies and their skill sets

B2B marketing lets other businesses know how your business can fulfil their needs. There is a recipe to success which differs from B2C marketing, as there is greater time spent during the consultation phases. Digital marketing for B2Bs can increase leads, lead quality and sales. With so much involved in this business function, many B2Bs opt to outsource all or part of their marketing. This allows a business to rely on external experts to conceptualise, implement and track the strategy on their behalf, all of which drive business growth, while they focus their efforts on expertly closing the leads generated. 

The agency’s marketing efforts on behalf of your business will be communicating with fewer customers who are buying more and are ideally interested in creating long term business relationships with you.  During this communication phase, a professional B2B marketing agency will also ideate and perhaps even create the type of content that will be used for lead generation and prospect nurturing.  The type of content often required for optimum performance includes (but is not limited to) white papers, e-books and e-guides, product brochures, case studies and numerous videos.  B2B marketing needs to be not only about generating leads but nurturing them sufficiently too and sales content and collateral will be used as part of this process.  

B2B strategies emphasise learning and education, as these target audiences seek to understand business related content. They also seek value, which marketers present via a business’s various channels in order to generate leads. When done well, the content will be optimised and showcase the USP and industry expertise of a business. Another aspect of B2B marketing to note is the benefit of networking within your industry, as well as sharing testimonials and case studies of successful projects - all of which an agency can help you with.

How can a B2B marketing agency help you?

An agency will consult with your business in order to understand and identify your offering, objectives and target audience(s). Based on this, they will begin developing a marketing strategy. A well defined strategy will guide all of your business’s marketing efforts in optimal ways.  Before you 'go-live' with your marketing and advertising, the agency will ensure that your house is in order, so to speak. Your website and social media channels need to be complete, professional, responsive and easy to navigate. Additionally, marketers need to optimise them by paying close attention to keywords.

One of the best ways for B2Bs to approach their audience is by doing so directly, through emails and direct messaging. Then comes the process of nurturing your leads through their decision making processes, which can be lengthy. Various types of marketing should form part of the mix, using multimedia and online marketing to its full advantage. For instance, content marketing is a great technique for B2Bs. This allows useful information to be shared, which demonstrates the knowledge and insight of your business. In addition to this, social media marketing is growing for B2Bs and can help to create a community online, provide support and key bots of information about your business and offering. Another avenue to consider is online marketing through the likes of webinars, virtual events and podcasts.

All of these techniques mentioned need to have a clear call to action. Marketing agencies will be familiar with which ways of selling will be well received by your audience, including whether hard or soft selling is most appropriate. These are put in place in order to direct your audience(s) with ease, guiding them seamlessly through various stages of the sales funnel.

B2B marketing in Dubai

We recently shared an article detailing the top marketing agencies who cater to B2Bs in Dubai. Working with an agency can take all - or some - of the marketing activities and efforts off your plate to be handled by experts in the field. From traditional to digital marketing, your audiences and sales will see the difference. 

There you have it; the how, what and who of B2B marketing in Dubai. Working with an agency can provide you with expertise that will set your business apart and provide you with results that are visible not only in terms of your brand’s visibility and connection with customers, but improvements to your bottom line as well. 

We at Nexa can assist your B2B business with all of its marketing needs.  For a full service B2B marketing agency who has experience with business to business focused companies, providing creative, digital and growth solutions, chat with us at Nexa. We can help you with website design, search engine optimisation, social media management, telemarketing and content marketing. The Nexa team offers support and a fully integrated and creative digital marketing strategy, with several noteworthy case studies for you to reference. 

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