Can Video Help with Business Growth?

authorShannon Correia dateOctober 30, 2021

The answer to whether video can help with business growth is a resounding “yes.” See, video is not just an engaging form of content. It can actually provide growth in various ways that extend beyond your marketing strategy. In this article, we’ll have a look at the various ways videos can increase your sales and space within the market. 

How Video Helps Businesses to Grow

Business growth is an overall goal for many businesses, but there are various ways this can happen. Video is one of the best ways to facilitate this in the modern-day marketplace since it is a versatile medium that has proven to work. Let’s take a look at the various ways it can foster business growth.

Grow Social Media Presence and Online Visibility  

Starting with the obvious, let’s talk about social media. These platforms are often where videos are shared most. Video has maintained its spot at the top of the list of the most engaging forms of content. It’s also your best shot at creating viral content, which is a penultimate goal for many marketers. Many social media platforms are geared towards video and those that aren’t have taken strides in shifting towards it, like Instagram. 

So, with video being so successful on social media, it can help your brand get more visibility and awareness. It can also help engage your audiences more, thereby creating a more powerful presence online and exciting your audience. Whether it’s an ad, a story, or a behind-the-scenes look, there are many ways a brand can use videos on social media. Since these platforms are one of the best channels for digital marketing, growing yours really counts!

A Tool for Branding 

Branding is crucial for brand differentiation. Videos can help you express the values and personality of your brand effectively. Another element of this is that it can present an authentic first-hand view of whatever it is you want the audience to see. Marketers can plan these to ensure that everything is communicated in the way it’s meant to be - from setting the scene with the aesthetics to scripting the video to match the brand’s tone of voice. Whether you’re actually telling your brand’s story in the video or sharing aspects of it over time, this is a powerful tool to have in your arsenal. 

Then there is also Employer Branding. There are many ways video can be used for your internal teams too. Whether your team consists of remote workers or not, video can be used for training purposes to ensure each employee has the resources and standardised training necessary for optimal productivity. It can also be a great tool for introducing the company to new candidates and sharing messages and achievements within internal communications. 

Sell Products Via Video Clips

Marketers used to plug products into popular videos so that the branding is visible and influences audiences by association. Today, that has evolved into selling products directly in the video! That’s right - your audience can view a video, pause on it, click on the product they like and head to the checkout for a quick and easy purchase. It is the blending of entertainment with shopping and something which we’ll be seeing a lot more of in the years to come. With this, you can invite the viewer to interact with the video which adds another dimension for viewers. 

Beyond selling products through shoppable videos, you can just as easily share experiences. Experiences are an essential part of marketing and with the world becoming increasingly accustomed to online and hybrid events, video is the way to go to ensure nobody misses out. Here's a look at how video can showcase a customer experience waiting to happen:

Improves the Customer's Journey 

When we consider the customer’s journey with a business, we see multiple stages in what we hope becomes a loop of repeat purchases. Video marketing can be used at each point in the customer’s journey, improving the cycle. From creating awareness to advertising and demonstrations, video can showcase your product in a way that other multimedia formats can’t. It helps through the awareness, consideration, and conversion stages. It can also help to cement your brand as one a customer will be loyal towards - and if you’re able to collect some recorded testimonials or user-generated content then all the better!

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Grow Your Business with Video

Video content is here to stay and set to continue to grow. It presents businesses the world over with many opportunities to grow their brand and business. From awareness to sales, this is a tool you need to be using to engage with your customers. It also needs to be high-quality to stand out in the market and give off the right impression. There is a lot that goes into the production to make this happen though...

If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, speak with us about your video marketing needs. Nexa’s videography team can help you produce videos like these, ultimately helping to grow your business. Here's how a video can succinctly depict a concept and lifestyle all in one...