Content marketing in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the UAE: 4 steps to success

authorBen Goodman dateOctober 15, 2015
Content Marketing in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the UAE could be YOUR company's next big play! These are the 4 steps to get your customers crying out for more...

content marketing in dubai, abu dhabi and the UAE, what are the steps involved

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This is the process of getting in front of your potential customers. But it is not as simple as forcing your advertising onto them, which potentially drives the type of results that you don't want. 

Get to know your customer

The first step involves a heck of a lot of research. Understand your customer and how they live and breathe. You need to go deep here and the deeper the better. The better you understand your customer the better your results, it is as simple as that. 

Create content that your customer wants to see. Once you understand your customer you will understand what they want to read, watch, listen to etc. Make sure you answer the questions that your customers are asking and you will have results your desire. Be the authority and get the customer to gain the trust of your brand through honest, credible and useful content. 

Be where your customers are

Once you understand your customer and what they want, you now need to get in front of them. Much like the previous process, it comes down to knowing who you are marketing to.  Where do they get their information from (and not just business information)? Develop your strategy to compliment your customers normal information gathering process. 


Content Marketing in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the UAE comes down to patience. Don't jump on your customer whilst they are halfway through your first article. The beauty of inbound marketing is that you are allowing your customers to educate themselves. This may take time. The amount of time is something you have to work out for yourselves with your analytics supporting any decision you make regarding this process. 

The conversion process comes down to providing your potential customers with the information they want to read and in the correct frequency and in the right way. 

Remember the platinum rule, 'treat your customers as they would like to be treated', and you can't go wrong. 


This is where your sales team take the reins. Although this may be the first interaction they have with your prospect, make sure the sales team is involved in all of the content that you are producing. They will get the questions they need answering answered and will lead to a smoother sales close. Your team will know what and why they are selling and to whom.


Do what you say you will do. If you get this right, your customer will be delighted through and through. What happens to happy customers...they talk! One of the big parts of this process is right in the beginning, set both your and your customers expectations from the get go and meet those goals! 

I can't think of a better way of getting more potential customers to talk to you than referrals from your own clients. It speaks volumes! If you do a great job they are going to talk to their friends, families, customers, clients and networks. Make sure you are providing the amazing marketing skills and are the topic of these conversations. 


This form of marketing is built around credibility, honesty and integrity. This is why I love it. Implement these four steps and make your team and your customers ecstatic! 

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