Does HubSpot work for corporate businesses?

authorShannon Correia dateSeptember 11, 2020

Almost every business has three very distinct business functions that help the business to survive, grow and establish itself in its industry.  The three functions are Marketing, Sales and Customer Service.  While smaller businesses may have just a few people focused on these functions, larger businesses have teams and entire departments to fulfil the requirements of the business. On this basis, it's probably fair to say that for almost any company, HubSpot is a platform that can transform the way they do business.  By integrating marketing, sales and customer service operations on one platform, businesses are equipped with software built to suit both marketers, sales and business leaders for a seamless customer experience and improved business results. Here’s how...

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The World of HubSpot

HubSpot coined the term ‘inbound marketing.’  This refers to the growth of a business by using a helpful approach with a human touch.  In order to succeed with this approach, you need to create great content to increase views and leads, as a means to grow your customer base. With this method, you can attract, engage and delight people, while providing them with value and build trusted relations with them. This is the crux of what HubSpot is all about and these foundations are very much ingrained within the business despite its valuation now exceeding $10 billion.  While this methodology remains a core fundamental aspect of their offering, the business has expanded and today integrates inbound marketing with sales and service measurement tools designed to drive business growth for companies that use the platform.

To explain the capabilities of HubSpot in a nutshell, think of it as a CRM (customer relationship management) platform that allows you to organise, track and build better relationships with leads and customers. The software helps you to arrange and manage the tasks, deals and insights needed to make that happen. It is not only business-centric, though, as it is designed to be powerful enough for developers to enjoy too, with various tools available to improve the UX design, making your website one that is geared towards creating positive user experiences. 

In the App Marketplace, there are more than 500 other apps which can be integrated with HubSpot. It is one of the major CRM options available to customers and with these integrations comes further ease of doing business. The CRM software integrates the tools, data and processes of various teams within your business to unify your operations. With this, your teams can share their activities and insights with each other. You can therefore effectively organise and track all of your interactions with customers, whether that is through emailing or chat bots. This is an undoubtedly useful feature for businesses to have at their fingertips. 

To further showcase the magnitude of HubSpot, it is worth noting that it is available in 6 languages, with more than 86,000 users in over 120 countries. These users collectively make up the user groups, blogs, socials and inbound marketing which yield impressive results. 

Since there are so many facets to this platform, HubSpot also has an Academy, in which users are able to educate themselves in order to make the most of their experience to the highest possible degree. In addition to this, there is the HubSpot Growth Platform which has been designed to compliment the inbound marketing approach to conducting business. Both of these principles are strongly aligned with what corporate businesses are all about: growth and improvement. 

HubSpot for Corporate Businesses 

HubSpot has changed the way they look at the traditional sales funnel by understanding the limitations of a sales focused outlook for a business. The funnel has been replaced by a  flywheel, interconnecting marketing, sales and service (to drive retention) processes.  With this approach, businesses can focus on providing value across the entire business that drives profit - in other words, reaching the goal of corporate businesses with data being the heartbeat of the platform.

Many corporate businesses are B2B focused and HubSpot works especially well for those companies that have a limited number of customers (compared to retail or FMCG businesses for example) or where the product or service being offered is of high cost or value.  HubSpot helps both leaders and internal practitioners to understand the impact of different parts of the flywheel on the business, which in turn improves both sales and marketing efficiency.

Businesses using HubSpot also have the advantage of learning a great deal through analytics. This is especially helpful to corporate businesses, as analytics are crucial to explain the performance of a business. With this, you’ll be able to improve your performance with the help of a customer support team and a community of marketing and sales experts from HubSpot if need be. After all, it is an award winning platform for a reason. Growth is key because it can improve your performance, a key consideration for your shareholders, who can help with funding further growth.

HubSpot creates ease when it comes to managerial tasks. The platform can be used by your board of directors to ensure that the business is performing optimally, while having all of the analytics at their disposal to inform their business decisions going forward. Furthermore, your business will be able to have your entire team leveraging one platform, creating a working environment that is all about the power of collaboration. Your business will therefore be able to create a supportive, nurturing and seamless customer experience. This is a great feature for corporates as their businesses can reach a point of being disjointed and because of that, missing prime opportunities. HubSpot is what can bring it all together, so that every team within your corporation is equipped with the best possible tools to conduct their duties.

What are you waiting for?

Based on the above, it is evident that HubSpot can empower corporate businesses, especially those that are B2B focused,  with a variety of tools in marketing, sales and customer service. Especially relevant to this field are the enhanced analytical abilities and lead generation. This is why we strongly recommend HubSpot as a platform for corporate businesses.

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