Does HubSpot work for luxury brands?

Shannon Correia September 19, 2020

HubSpot is software that helps businesses grow. It is based on marketing, sales and customer service - making it a great platform for luxury brands to use. With it, you can provide an outstanding and seamless customer experience, with tools that assist you in having a highly detailed approach, perfectly suited to luxury businesses.

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What is HubSpot?

HubSpot is a software platform for businesses to conduct their operations from a central location. Thousands of businesses opt to use it for their customer relationship management. From a customer’s perspective this software provides a seamless customer experience. For the business, they can effectively organize their activities, track the progression of their efforts, interact with their customer base in order to build better relationships with them.

Encapsulating marketing, sales and service, HubSpot helps you to arrange and manage the tasks, deals and insights needed to make that happen. 

Luxury Marketing 

Marketing is ever-evolving, adapting to changing consumer behaviours and attitudes, as well as advances in technology. HubSpot were pioneers in defining inbound marketing. This is a marketing strategy that is geared towards growing a business with the value of content. This is very much in line with the approach to luxury marketing, but we’ll get to that in a moment.

First we need to understand that inbound marketing is all about giving people helpful content with a personalised approach. Luxury marketing is all about selling a concept or a lifestyle - not merely a product or service, so the content produced needs to be high quality. This is a direct reflection of your brand and can increase your community, generating aspirational feelings that lead to leads, customers and loyal followers. Indeed, the inbound marketing approach seeks to attract, engage and satisfy people in meaningful relations and experiences. 

Before we get onto the specifics of how HubSpot can benefit luxury businesses, let’s take a brief look at another innovation led by HubSpot: the transformation of the sales funnel. When you think about it, the funnel doesn’t fit in with the luxury ideal. HubSpot’s flywheel of interconnected cycles makes more sense. Here’s the three main aspects of the flywheel and how your luxury business can master them with this software:

  • Marketing: As we mentioned, content is the kingpin of marketing with HubSpot. The campaigns you create are designed to generate leads.
  • Sales: This does not only refer to ecommerce capabilities, but the demonstration of your product or service as a means to close deals. 
  • Service: This includes all of the support and services offered to existing and new customers. This is designed to encourage loyalty and positive feedback. 

How HubSpot works for luxury business

  • Attract: As mentioned, HubSpot software can literally be the online face of your brand. This means that your website needs to match your brand’s aesthetic and the level of service and appeal that are expected when it comes to luxury brands. For most luxury brands, the hard work is not in buying for awareness, as these are aspirational products and services. Instead, your job is to create a seamless, high quality experience that speaks to the ideal brand perceptions of your business, as well as the status or prestige that is linked to your brand. That is where a high performing software like HubSpot comes in. 
  • Convert: Conversion for luxury brands is not simply about pushing consumerist culture. The way you convert is through the lifestyle you are able to sell, with the quality to match. This quality needs to come through in the content you share as the product or service often speaks for itself. Taking HubSpot’s focus on content marketing is also a more savoury approach to marketing, as instead of advertising, it requires hard work that leads to a more subtle, organic form of marketing. 
  • Close: When it comes to potential customers taking the plunge with luxury, they want and expect a unique experience above all else - this ties into luxury purchases being akin to being successful. The service needs to be carried out to the highest level possible and there needs to connect, which you can do effectively, with a high degree of personalisation, as well as efficiently with automation, all through HubSpot’s software. 
  • Delight: When it comes to delighting customers of luxury brands, it is the appeal of longstanding loyalty and a sense of partnership that can set your business apart. You therefore need to ensure that you offer adequate support and benefits post purchase. This will lead to long standing relationships, as well as positive feedback, testimonials and affirmations. Again, HubSpot is an excellent assistant with  achieving this on an ongoing basis, leading customers to once again purchase in future.

Work with a HubSpot Award Winning Partner

If you’re a luxury brand and are looking to upgrade your user experience, consider the benefits that HubSpot’s software can provide you with. From both the customers point of view and the internal operations among your teams, it can become a defining part of your brand’s luxe experience.

Both Nexa and HubSpot were founded in 2005. Nexa has been a HubSpot Diamond certified agency partner, providing many businesses with the know-how on how to grow. Contact us to discuss how we can take your business to the next level.