Brands in the Metaverse: The Best Case Studies So Far

authorShannon Correia dateJun 14, 2022 12:46:25 PM

All kinds of brands are making waves in the metaverse. While the metaverse is still in its early days, businesses are entering the space to build their brand presence in various ways. Let’s take a look at the best case studies so far, covering a diverse range of business sectors.

Best Brands in the Metaverse Case Studies So Far

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brands in the metaverse

Disney - Entertainment 

Disney has plans to become the happiest place in the metaverse. They are linking the real and virtual worlds, and have already begun selling a collection of “Golden Moments” NFTs in a partnership with VeVe. Disney Plus will form the platform of the brand in the metaverse, creating experiences that bring park, movie, and book experiences all in one. For Disney, the metaverse presents an opportunity to share stories without limits and  they have already purchased a patent for the technology to create a theme park in this virtual world. 

Adidas - Fashion

Adidas has entered the metaverse in a partnership with Coinbase and The Sandbox Real Estate. The announcement has been vague so far, but they now have a big plot land in the metaverse and are planning the design of the brand’s future with collaborators. Adidas has also released a massive collection of NFTs - 30,000, in fact, which all sold out. The majority of these were reserved for qualified buyers, and all sold out in minutes. They’re now available for resale on OpenSea. 

Gucci - Luxury

Gucci created the “Gucci Garden” on Roblox. Here, you can discover the brand, which is quoted saying: 

“Step into the world of luxury fashion and experience a one-of-a-kind, interactive virtual exhibit inspired by Gucci Garden, a living, collaborative, and creative space in Florence, Italy. Begin your journey by stepping through the arched doorway. We’re celebrating 1M+ visitors by gifting the community with a brand new virtual item created by Rock Vanguard, now available in the Gucci Garden experience. Find it now!”

Essentially, your avatar moves through the Gucci store and can shop products. The garden itself is surrounded by pink walls enclosing greenery, with archways along the wall that you can explore. 

Coca-Cola - FMCG

Coca-Cola proved to be one of the most popular brands, with an NFT collecting $575K at auction in 2021. According to Coca-Cola, 

““Fans of the Coca-Cola brand expect the same iconic and optimistic experiences they’re used to in-real-life in the digital world,” said Oana Vlad, global senior brand director, Coca-Cola Trademark. “Magic happens when communities and partners can make the brand their own. We loved how Decentraland embraced the brand and created unique experiences. And we loved seeing NFT and metaverse artists take the iconicity of the brand and put a fresh, modern twist on it.”

In their latest brand expansion in the metaverse, the Coca-Cola Creations platform is set to focus on limited-edition product innovations and digital-first experiences with fantasy-inspired products that cross between the physical and virtual worlds. 

Hyundai - Transport

Here’s a first look at Hyundai in the metaverse, which represents limitless travel. 

The brand’s vision for the metaverse is one of “metamobility.” They plan to facilitate the movement of people in the real and virtual worlds, across any kind of terrain with situational awareness. They plan to introduce advanced robotics that will expand the human experience, from cars to space travel. 

Microsoft - Big Tech

Microsoft’s role in the metaverse will see an interactive iteration of online spaces. They will help you to improve your digital representation with your physical being. By having a closer representation of yourself online, you can collaborate in real-time and expand on the opportunities of remote working environments. Here’s a look at Microsoft Mesh, which utilises digital intelligence to enable presence and shared experiences from anywhere, on any device through mixed reality applications. 

Shopify - eCommerce

Shopify continues to grow in line with the continued expansion of the eCommerce industry and are expected to be the official retail partner for Meta. So far, they have introduced easy-to-use 3D and augmented reality tools to enhance the online shopping experience. Shopify has also opened an NFT marketplace where tokens can be traded, making it an accessible space to purchase digital assets. 

Sotheby’s - Art

You can find Sotheby’s in Decentraland. You can head into the gallery and see the art available to purchase. It contains all the relevant information about the art if you’re interested and makes bids for them. The Sotheby's platform is a dedicated space for digital art collectors, displaying a curated selection of NFTs. They also have lots of exclusive art on offer, plus links to collectors who are willing to trade their pieces. 

Brands in the Metaverse

That wraps up our overview of the best case studies showcasing what brands are doing in the metaverse. There are many avenues that businesses can take in this regard, and it’s an exciting space that continues to unfold. Which brand are you most excited about?

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