How an Employee Onboarding System Will Save You Time

authorShannon Correia dateApril 09, 2021

Employee Onboarding is the process of getting new hires acquainted with all they need to know about your business and their role within the organization. There is also onboarding available to businesses implementing new systems, and learning management systems for ongoing training. By having a system in place for this, you can streamline the onboarding of multiple employees, which can save you a whole lot of time - here’s how. 

An Introduction to Employee Onboarding Systems

In short, onboarding is an induction process for training, assessing, and integrating new employees in the workplace. By using tools for this process, you can streamline and automate it, which saves you time. It requires an investment, but it built to carry your business forward in the long run. 

You’ll have less paperwork on your hands, individual training sessions each time you hire someone new, clarity on your policies, and an easy way to send reminders and track progress. Modifications to the system are easy to make when need be, as is reviewing and informing the new hires. The automation works by having set workflows in place, centralized filing, and the ability to build an easily accessible training materials library. 

An onboarding system is the next aspect of your business that should be digital. It will save you in costs when compared to manual onboarding, from the sourcing of talent to managing new hires, and getting them to reach productivity levels quicker. 

The reason onboarding is so important for new employees is that it lays the foundation for information regarding compliance, clarification, connections, and company culture. These are the benefits of an onboarding system:

  • Improved performance
  • Increased employee retention
  • Increased productivity levels
  • Improved quality
  • Ability to contribute quicker 
  • Less support and manual tasks required 

Learning Management Systems

Digitized systems for onboarding are closely linked to Learning Management Systems (LMS), which automate the process of employee learning. With this, employees log in to the platform and have access to all of the information they need to perform their roles. It makes a relatively repetitive process more efficient this way and is a great help to the HR department.

LMSs deliver the necessary information to employees in well-designed packages. The way an LMS looks and the depth of its capabilities will depend on the software you use. They can be customized to suit the various roles within your company, as well as the different learning styles of the employees. 

LMSs can include personalized training plans, practical examples, necessary quizzes, and relevant mentors. New hires can take aptitude tests and assessments using these systems too. With all of these results stored and analyzed, you can ensure your HR department is hiring the best talent. Once they have been selected, you can ensure that everyone who joins the company receives a consistent introduction to your business - that means all of the branding and understanding is consistent. Use these systems to share your values and offer often much-needed support to new hires. 

It can also extend beyond the onboarding process to learning in general, where ongoing training is encouraged, along with workplaces seminars, virtual classrooms, and the like. Successful LMSs have robust reporting capabilities, offer awards and certifications, and live support. 

What is the HubSpot Setup and Onboarding System?

Onboarding is not just for new hires. If you’re making use of new business software, such as the Hubspot CRM, you’ll have the resources to set up the platform and achieve your business’s highest potential. HubSpot Setup and Onboarding is designed to help new users to understand the business’s CRM needs and to immerse themselves into the company. It includes the technical setup and access to necessary training. 

Thousands of businesses use HubSpot as their central operating platform, making use of its many capabilities that are designed to improve your business’s relationship with customers. When making the switch to this system, it is important to have onboarding so that you are set up correctly and able to utilize it to its maximum potential. 

HubSpot offers a range of onboarding systems that covers all of its primary services, including marketing, sales, and services. They also have customer onboarding which is designed to “retain and delight more customers.”

Where Does Nexa Fit In?

Nexa is a creative digital growth agency, with a diamond-tier HubSpot partnership. We help businesses to utilize this software, from the methodology to the strategy and technical side of things. 

What’s more, we’re taking onboarding one step further. The well-known phrase, time is money, is as true as ever. That is why we’re developing ways for businesses to save time with onboarding systems. 

See, you can use HubSpot as your platform for onboarding - adding in yet another important element of your business operations to this central platform. It’ll save you time because you’ll be able to house all your onboarding for new employees in a familiar system to the business. 

HubSpot makes tracking and connecting easy, and these are two important aspects of onboarding. It also holds a wealth of data relating to your business, which can be important for new hires to get acquainted with. The customization features available with the system mean you can design the onboarding experience to suit your needs.

Whether your business needs help onboarding for the HubSpot system or wants to use their existing HubSpot platform to welcome and train new hires, we can help you devise the best solutions and implement them. We also provide training for individuals or groups, either remotely or on-site. 

By investing in onboarding, you’ll be saving your business time by having a reliable system that is customized to your needs on an ongoing basis. When entering into something new, whether it’s a workplace or a system, you’ll want to get yourself off to the best possible start. 

Nexa is here to help you will all of your onboarding needs. Book a meeting with us to get started.