How Much Does A Podcast Studio Cost in Dubai?

Toni Becker June 27, 2021

We live in a digital society and we have more access to technology and the worldwide web than ever before. With this in mind, generally speaking, anyone can create a podcast through a decent smartphone or downloadable applications and publish it online. However, the digital space has become inundated with podcasts and if you want to stand out from the online crowd, you need to create a podcast that is not only unique, but of the highest quality. This means that you need to focus on crisp sound, top-class editing and high-quality production. 

With this in mind, many creators are now turning to podcast studios in Dubai, or putting together their very own studios in order to create the ultimate podcast content. 


Creating your own Podcast Studio

Creating a high-quality podcast studio does take time and money. This is why creators prefer to rent out podcast studios in Dubai. However, if you have the budget and the drive to set up your very own studio, we have put together a list of equipment that is required to ensure the best results.

Podcast Studio Equipment

You can start out with the basics and scale up your equipment as your podcast grows. However, when it comes to getting the right equipment for your studio, you need to consider the type of show you are hosting. That is: will you be live streaming your show at times, are you interviewing guests, will you be posting your podcast to YouTube in video format?

For example: if you are interviewing guests you will probably need mobile friendly mics with available cords but if you are recording straightforward monologues, you can invest in a standard mic. 

The standard equipment required for a basic podcast studio setup:

  • A Laptop: Of course you’ll need something to record your podcasts on and you will need somewhere to store all your raw recordings, interviews and tracks. When it comes to your laptop you need to consider what programs and software you require, battery life, storage space and reliable recording options. A good laptop for podcasts can cost anywhere from AED 7499 upward. 
  • Microphones: This is one of the most important pieces of equipment you will need when starting your podcast. A good microphone for podcasts can cost anywhere from AED 450 upward.  
  • Camera Equipment: If you want to record your Podcast for YouTube (as most creators are doing), you will need to invest in quality cameras, tripods, and related equipment to ensure the highest quality results. A good camera for podcasts videos can cost anywhere from AED 4500 upward. 

The above are just the basics required to start your podcast studio, and as stated previously you will have to scale up as your podcast grows

Other costs to consider:

  • Recording and Editing Software: This is where the technical side of creating a podcast comes into play. Once you have successfully recorded your show, the hard work comes in. Editing software is available and easy to use, and even if you have no experience in editing previously, you will quickly catch on thanks to the latest software innovations in the podcast industry.
  • Sound Engineer: Probably more important that having the right equipment is having someone who can use it and help produce, edit and publish the podcast online. This will save you time and guarantee that your audio is of the highest quality.

However, the above can be time consuming and does not suit everyone's budget. This is why Podcast studio rentals are becoming vital for content creators. 

Renting a Podcast Studio in Dubai

As stated previously, podcast and video studio rental are becoming highly sought after in Dubai. Renting a studio ensures you get the highest quality recordings - while saving time and money. 

At Nexa, we are passionate about podcasts (we even have our own show), and have put together the ideal podcast studio for all creators. Our top-class studios are designed to provide you with everything you need to create the ultimate podcast. 

Rentals include use of the space and all related equipment and gear you’ll need to produce your podcast, from audio equipment to cameras (for those wanting to leverage on the YouTube podcast trend), lighting, and the like.

So, how much does this all cost? 

Nexa's Podcasting Studio

If you want to record your podcast with us, you are able to rent out the space for AED 350 per hour. This cost covers WAV and MP4, and it costs AED 500 per hour if you choose the addition of video setup. 

As stated previously, video and podcasting are quickly going hand in hand we also provide a state of the art videography studio. If you are looking to create the best video content our studio rental is AED 9,500 and includes:

  • Green screen or colored backdrop of your choosing
  • Teleprompter
  • Camera operator
  • Lighting setup
  • You can add post production services for AED 11,950

So, if you are looking to create the ultimate podcast without breaking the bank, podcast studio rental in Dubai is certainly the best option for you.

At Nexa’s podcasting and videography studios, you’ll have access to the best equipment at the best price. Contact Nexa today and get podcasting!