How to Bring Learning Culture into your Company (like we did)

Shannon Correia January 23, 2021

If you asked someone to complete this sentence: "Knowledge is … "
They'd most likely respond with "power," and for a good reason.  The age-old saying remains as true as ever, especially in a digital world where progression and transformations occur rapidly. That is why we at Nexa believe that it is vital for companies to have a company culture that values and fosters a learning culture.

workplace learning

Creating a learning culture in the workplace builds resilience and readies your company for the future. It allows you to stay up to date with the latest developments and creates a sense of confidence among your team members, which is vital for your business's ongoing success.

There are various ways people learn, and if a business wants to achieve a high standard among the team, it will need to offer training that caters to these learning styles. There are online academies dedicated to providing this, by way of mixing theoretical knowledge with the practical. 

Nexa's Own Internal Training Academy Case Study

As a provider of sales and marketing services to hundreds of clients around the world, it's important that our team are fully up to date with the latest industry insights, technologies and know-how.  That's why as a leading HubSpot partner, we chose to partner with HubSpot's very own Academy and create a customised program for every team member based on their roles, day to day activities and importantly, areas of interest so that team members are free to learn the foundations of new digital marketing disciplines.  

It offers a ready-to-go collection of courses that will save your business resources and ensure that there is a high level of learning taking place. Each module also provides instant rewards for those that complete the courses in the form of certifications that integrate into professional social media platforms such as LinkedIn.  At Nexa, we believe it's important for our team to show off their successes and personal credentials to their friends, families and wider network.

HubSpot Academy

"HubSpot Academy is a worldwide leader in free online training for inbound marketing, sales, and customer service professionals."

One of the reasons HubSpot is one of the world's best CRM systems is that it includes an Academy. It allows you to strengthen your knowledge related to various sectors of digital marketing. The categories are Data Privacy, Website Development, Website Design, Service, Sales, and Marketing.
You can learn by accessing courses, lessons, eBooks, and templates. It is structured in a way that lets you learn, apply the knowledge, and grow as a result—these last for 30 minutes to over three hours, spanning across beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. There are certificate courses you can take, which require you to pass an exam. These certificates can then be shared on your LinkedIn profile and are recognized within the industry.

Employees have unlimited access to the courses and can access them anytime from anywhere. You can monitor the progression of these courses and watch the performance levels increase. Any team who uses HubSpot can learn a great deal by encouraging their members to gain knowledge through the Academy, just as we do at Nexa. Whether it's a refresher or a comprehensive course, this training will improve your performance and the company.

The Benefits of having a Learning Culture within your Organization

  • Advance Careers: Knowledge is an investment, and with HubSpot, you have access to a wealth of knowledge at the click of a button. Use it to deepen your industry knowledge in all things digital marketing.
  • Micro-learning: Businesses can spend less time and money on training with an LMS while still increasing employees' knowledge retention by offering them the opportunity to learn using HubSpot Academy.
  • Formalize Training: By having your team learn with HubSpot Academy, you're assured high quality and consistent training for all, whether related to new trends and developments or making up for gaps in knowledge that serve to improve the company.

    Based on the benefits listed above, it is clear why we at Nexa emphasize learning in the workplace and today, we're also helping other organisations to create similar programs for their employees.  If you're considering the creation of a Learning Academy for your business, speak to us today.