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    How To Make Your Sales Team Love You!

    Amit Vyas May 22, 2015

    As a business owner, I understand the roles that I need to play within the organization in order to make things work.  And believe me when I tell you that it's not as glitzy as some may believe!


    But no matter how I look at it, when I consider everything that helps to make my business successful, there is one area that consistently drives all other areas of the business.  Put simply, this is sales.

    New sales and new customers do a number of things.  For example, they drive innovation and the ability to create something new and perhaps something in a industry that we havent worked in before.  It's therefore incredibly important for my business to have a constant, consistent and most importantly, predictable source of new business leads.  


    This is even more important considering that as a business, we do not cold call new prospects who have not heard of us nor may be interested in our products and services.  
    We therefore employ a number of marketing strategies that help us to obtain the desired number of sales leads we require to support our sales force.  As you'd expect, many of these strategies are driven by online marketing and for these leads, we pay particluar attention to how these are generated and track these vigorously through our sales funnel.

    We're so proud of these, that together with our partner Hubspot, we'd like to share some of these tactics in a  e-book called The 30 Greatest Lead Generation Tips, Tricks and Ideas and this ebook is available to you absolutely free!

    Simply click on the button below and learn how to generate higher quality, predictable leads for your business!

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