How Video Fits in With Content Marketing

authorShannon Correia dateNovember 16, 2021

Marketers have been singing the praises of video for the last few years. Likewise, content marketing has been hailed as a long-term strategy for succeeding in search engine rankings. So, what happens when you mix the two together? Here’s why that needs to be part of your strategy for the year ahead. 

Video Meets Blog Content

Content, regardless of the delivery method, is all about storytelling. Finding the most effective way to share a story is the secret to success. See, having a great story is unfortunately not enough. With so much content out there, especially when it comes to digital marketing, you’ve got to ensure you’re packaging it so that it is seen by your audience - and that it resonates with them. 

A well-produced video is just that: a video. It needs to be high-quality to be as effective as it has the power to be. In fact, audiences engage with video content, however, it is not the be-all and end-all of the future of marketing. Most consumers don’t prefer video alone over and above other forms of content. It has also reached a point where most market players have incorporated quality video recording in their marketing, so standing out has become more difficult. Marketing budgets are set to continue to increase for video content, though the results reported from this medium seem to have plateaued. 

That is why a blended approach is recommended: mixing the best of each content type together can result in the best of both worlds. 

When sharing well-rounded and multidimensional content, a starting point is to consider which elements suit the various content types. It is well known that content generally serves one of three purposes: to inform, entertain, or persuade. Your content may serve one or more of these, and incorporating different types of mediums can be very helpful in achieving this. 

According to research conducted by Vidyard, almost half of marketers say that interviews with influencers and experts produced the best results, followed by how-to videos, case studies, customer stories, and branded videos. This presents us with very interesting information, especially since these can easily be added into content marketing pieces - and, importantly, add value to them. 

This is a relatively newer approach to things, as most articles online will tell you about turning blog posts into videos, or vice versa. Embeds are easy enough, and with a powerful website, you won’t need to worry about slowing down the loading page time. It’s really about harnessing the power of both these mediums at once. Of course, this content can (and should) be repurposed, but the goal is to mesh the two. 

Hand writing with a black mark on a transparent wipe board - Play

Increase Credibility

Think about it: the next time you write a blog offering insider information about an area of expertise, consider including a video with an expert who can discuss this. It brings life to the content. Likewise, a case study video could showcase your business’s ability to apply the information you’re sharing in a successful way. This will help cut through the inundation of thought leadership articles that are shared just to be shared.

Improve SEO

There are many benefits to mixing video with content marketing. One of these is increasing levels of trust. But another primary benefit is SEO based. Video and voice searches are becoming increasingly important, so it’s best to get your start in producing content for this purpose sooner rather than later. 

Greater Engagement 

Let’s also talk about another reason videos work so well when embedded in blog posts: time spent on the page. Videos keep viewers engaged for longer. Other metrics that stand to benefit include engagement since an effective CTA or compelling clip can inspire more lead signups, comments, and follows. 

Helpful Explainers

Sometimes blogs can also become complex and text-heavy, which takes away from the core message. By including a whiteboard explainer video, you can explain a complex concept in 2 minutes, and keep the blog post ‘clean.’ It can also just be helpful when the focus of your blog post is about visual things that need demonstrations, and assist with breaking up text into digestible sections that ultimately deliver more results. Remember, the quality video needs to be matched by quality writing

Humanize your Brand

Blogs don’t need to be boring. Having a person adding insight adds a humanised element to the content. With a person speaking with you as the viewer, there is an opportunity to create a trusting connection which leads to improved relationship building. It’s also a professional step away from vlogs, which are still super useful to create, albeit in a different capacity. 

Attract Younger Audiences

Finally, these multi-media posts will also help to engage the younger audiences - millennials included! They appreciate concise and helpful video content and are accustomed to it, so seeing these as helpful additions to a blog post will work wonders!

Content marketing matters and cannot be underestimated. When it comes to making the most out of your consumer touchpoints, we recommend blending content types and mediums to create an engaging and rewarding experience for the viewer. 

Reach out to us at Nexa to discuss how to elevate your video and content marketing. Let’s discuss your vision and devise a tailored strategy to achieve it.