HubSpot CMS and Web Development in Dubai: How to Get Started

authorShannon Correia dateJuly 06, 2021

So, you’re ready to get started with the exciting powerhouse that is HubSpot. Many businesses in Dubai are finding greater success with this software at the helm. In this article, we’ll be diving into a starter guide on the web development that is possible with this CMS. 

Getting Started with HubSpot CMS in Dubai

The HubSpot CMS is a solution that businesses use as a platform for creating websites, among its many other uses and benefits. It is a powerful marketing and sales platform with the flexibility to scale in line with your business growth. 

It is ideal for businesses situated in Dubai who need a secure platform to operate from, which also provides a good user experience. HubSpot CMS has a Content Delivery Network for distribution leads to faster page loading times. CMS is integrated with CRM in HubSpot, meaning businesses can create personalized and experiential user experiences.

It is a system suited to developers and all teams within your business, including digital marketers who can implement inbound marketing. Developers can create design systems for marketers to create and share content. 

The HubSpot CMS developer community facilitates the learning process and builds a community of developers from around the world. These spaces are open to users, with the sharing of advice, tips, peer examples, and help with troubleshooting issues. There is also a Developer Slack account where you can collaborate with HubSpot developers and product teams. Finally, you can connect with developers and submit your ideas to HubSpot’s CMS developer forums.

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Web Development with HubSpot

HubSpot users have access to website-building themes and tools. This helps to create a “consistent online experience for your business.” These tools include a drag and drop editor. 

If you are migrating to HubSpot with an existing website, you can host parts of your site with HubSpot and install a tracking code. This includes landing pages and the blog so that leads can be captured and converted, and visitor behavior can be tracked. 

Web development is all about building a website though, and this is where HubSpot CMS makes it easy for users. Developers have access to technology and workflows. The very first step you need to take to get started is to create a HubSpot account. CRM Free and Starter accounts on the Marketing Hub will be able to create landing pages with templates with HubSpot branding. 

For Marketing Hub, CMS Hub Professional, or Enterprise accounts, you can develop your website by following these steps:

Setup your website

Themes allow for a consistent layout for your website. From there, you can use the templates to arrange the content for your site, forming the basis of your website's pages. There are free templates and themes, as well as premium ones available to purchase from the Asset Marketplace. This makes web development simplified, without the need to build code from scratch.

Customize pages and create content 

From your template basis, you can make customizations to the pages. All of the changes you make can be previewed so you have a clear idea of what the site will look like to visitors. 

Once you start to input content, HubSpot will make SEO suggestions for page optimization. An important part of content creation for your website with HubSpot’s inbound marketing methodology is the creation of a blog. The premise is based on creating engaging content to build your subscriber list. 

Go live

Congratulations - it’s time to go live with your website. When developing our website using HubSpot, you’ll have a custom domain for your brand. You can connect your pages to it, as well as subdomains. 

Keep track of your website’s performance

You can analyze your website's performance by looking at the web traffic in HubSpot. Analytical tools are available from a dashboard which you can then customize for tailored reporting. To further analyze website pages, you can use Google Analytics. 

Develop Your HubSpot Website in Dubai 

Businesses in Dubai need the robust system that HubSpot provides to ingrate their business functions and provide users with a premium user experience. It makes building a website easy for developers, taking care of the nitty-gritty elements so that the focus can be on customizing this powerful CMS software. This guide is just the starting point of the websites you can build using HubSpot.

To find out more or for help migrating to the platform, book a meeting with us at Nexa. We are a proud Diamond-tiered HubSpot Partner. 

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