Is Digital Marketing a Good Tactic for Saudi Arabian Audiences?

authorShannon Correia dateMarch 09, 2021

Digital marketing is more than a good tactic for businesses to use, especially for Saudi Arabian audiences. If this is your target audience, this form of marketing is among the best ways to market your business. In this article, we'll be taking you through the main types of digital marketing and detailing why they work so well in the Saudi Arabian Kingdom (KSA). 

Marketing is all about how a business communicates with its audience. It has the ability to attract, convert and delight your target market. By using the many benefits presented by digital marketing to your advantage, you can create a strong digital presence for your brand.

Here is an overview of the benefits of digital marketing when targeting Saudi Arabian audiences:

  • It comes in at a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing.
  • It's fast, in the sense that you can create and campaigns instantly.
  • It is flexible, as you can change the details of your campaigns as need be.
  • It provides ways for your audience to interact with your business.
  • It is measurable, as you can track data for detailed analytics and insights.
  • It is scalable, meaning your efforts and outputs can grow along with your business.
  • It is highly targeted, allowing you to reach niche audiences.
  • Digital marketing is often received via mobile devices, which are used by people multiple times a day.
  • It can help to build trust, understanding, and authority for your brand.
  • The ability to spread and be influential is ever-present through digital means, especially for successful online marketing campaigns. 

digital marketing Saudi Arabia

Website Marketing

Your website is your business's online storefront. It needs to encapsulate your brand and provide your audience with a good user experience. Much of your online marketing efforts will lead people to your website, so it's essential that this is well designed and populated.

Why it works in KSA: The majority of the population in Saudi Arabia uses the internet daily. Having a well-designed website in Arabic can ensure that when audiences are redirected to your website, they find what they're looking for in a familiar and welcoming way, which will then inspire them to become a customer. 

Email Marketing

Email is still an essential part of digital marketing. It serves many purposes, from informing to enticing customers. Having and growing an email database is a highly valuable and direct means of communication with your audiences which can greatly improve your ability to nurture them along their customer journey.

Why it works in KSA: Marketing communication in this region is recommended to be done on a more formal basis, which suits emails well. It also serves as a professional manner to communicate with an audience who value premium products and services. 

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a long-term strategy to build your brand by providing value. This helps your business stand out as a thought leader, provides your customers with obligation-free information, and can increase trust levels. Businesses need to create high-value content that captivates audiences, builds a community, and ultimately converts them into customers. The most prominent examples of this are blogs and eBooks, though all forms of multi-media count!

Search engine optimization should be part of your marketing outputs. By following certain guidelines, you can reach more people by having high-ranking content. This system is designed to meet the searcher's needs, so always keep that front of mind.

Why it works in KSA: Since Arabic is the primary language spoken here, your business has less competition when it comes to rank on search engines. Building trust is also an essential part of the customer experience, which content marketing can help your business to earn. 

Social Media Marketing

Having a presence across social media platforms is a great way to reach target audiences. It encourages direct interactions between businesses and audiences and allows you to share a variety of content that your audience finds appealing. This includes everything from promotions to behind-the-scenes sneak peeks, which you can then boost through the many advertising options. 

Why it works in KSA: This is arguably the best form of digital marketing for businesses in Saudi Arabia. This is because it is a country that is among the world's most active users of social media platforms. The two primary platforms you need to be on include YouTube (the most popular website in the country) and Snapchat. Over and above all of the benefits of social media marketing, in KSA, you can be rest assured you're meeting your audience where they are. Building rapport this way means you can grow with this country's young audience online, and with the emergence of social media shopping, you can encourage more sales. 

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

For a faster way to ensure your brand is seen online, there is search engine marketing. With this method, you can advertise your brand online as a means to draw traffic to your website. These ads can appear at the top of search engine lists, and there are various payment models for them. 

Why it works in KSA: To give your business a boost with the search engines as you develop your SEO, you can rely on SEM ads to fill the gap. There are also multiple hours spent online on a daily basis by the population, so it's a good way to ensure you're seen ahead of your competitors.

Digital marketing is a good strategy for marketers to use when targeting audiences in Saudi Arabia. Using a combination of website, email, content, social media, search engine marketing, you can reach your target market effectively. 

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