Remote Working Tips, From A Remote Worker

authorToni Becker dateJanuary 08, 2021

I have spent my entire career in an office and grew accustomed to working in a loud environment, constantly surrounded by people, and inundated with meeting after meeting (most of which could have been emails.)


remote worker

Working in an office space became the norm, and waking up at 5am, getting ready for the day, and getting to work by 7am became second nature. Then 2020 happened and the pandemic was not kind to anyone - and we all needed to adjust quickly. I had no choice but to work from home and I was excited for the opportunity, but I had a lot of anxiety around making the shift from office bound employee to remote worker. And I am so grateful that I made the transition so smoothly, and found my new home with Nexa.

The entire hiring process for Nexa made me feel at ease, and I knew that I would enjoy working and writing for such a forward thinking company. I embraced every moment of the hiring and onboarding process, from the online interviews and remote tasks, to the onboarding and training processes. Through the onboarding process we were taught how to use the software and tools required for the job - and it took only a few hours to understand how to use these tools.

My biggest concern was micro-management, something many copywriters deal with on a day to day basis in South Africa and my previous job did not use micro-management tactics. So, I was concerned that I would have to readjust to the management style that ruled the first half of my career. Fortunately, this is not the case with Nexa and because of this we are given the opportunity to shine, and perform at our best.

I am so grateful to have been given such a wonderful opportunity, and I believe that remote working is the way forward for businesses throughout the globe. For those that are interested in working remotely, there are some challenges that you will need to overcome in the process, from learning how to structure your day, to feeling confident enough to reach out to team members for assistance when necessary.

Remote working tips from a remote worker

  • Dress for the Workday: Many people that work from home can find themselves slipping into “pyjama mode” which will hinder your work performance. I feel that it is important to prepare yourself for the day by putting clothes on that you would wear out in public, even though you are working from home. The action of getting ready for the day propels your motivation and gets you on the path of productivity.
  • Structure is Key: Remote workers can quickly get into the habit of sleeping-in as they don't have an office that they have to check in to - and this can be a slippery slope that leads to complacency and regret. Create a schedule for your week, stick to it as much as possible and know when your workday begins and when it ends.
  • Create a Productive Environment: If you want to be productive while working from home, you need to create a space that is conducive to getting your work done. Yes, your comfortable couch may seem appealing, but a desk space is always your best option when it comes to creating a productive work environment.
  • Engage with your Managers and Colleagues: Do not be afraid to ask for help when you need it, just because you are not in the same location as your teammates or managers does not mean you are not a part of the team and it is ok to ask for help.

I have found that working from home creates a more fulfilling work life as it has opened me up to a worldwide talent pool and I am lucky to be part of a team that encourages growth.

My advice to those looking to begin a similar career path is this: Be transparent with your bosses and teammates, keep the lines of communication open, structure your day and separate your home life from your work life. Enjoy the freedom, but put in the effort every single day- the rewards are incredible.