Revenue Operations Guide: How RevOps Drive Growth

authorToni Becker dateAugust 11, 2021

Every business strives for revenue growth, but the word “revenue” never really made it into operational roles or job titles. That is, until now. Today, Revenue Operations Managers can be found across LinkedIn and a study conducted in 2019 found that 31% of businesses have a dedicated Revenue Operations department. 

But what has given rise to the Revenue Operations sector? We live in a world of technology, data collection and digitalization and these powerful tools allow businesses to align their departments and provide seamless operations, all of which lead to revenue growth. 

Before we dive into how you can use RevOps to drive business growth, let’s take a look at what Revenue Operations actually entails.


Defining Revenue Operations

Revenue Operations, also referred to as RevOps, is the alignment of all departments that contribute to revenue growth including marketing, sales and service departments. A RevOps strategy is designed to break down silos between these departments for the purpose of driving operational efficiency and greater performance across the entire organization in order to drive growth. 

Now that we have an understanding of what RevOps is, let's take a look at how RevOps is designed to drive business growth.

How Revenue Operations Drives Growth

As stated previously, RevOps aligns all revenue-generating operations and is designed to create a unified customer journey. With this in mind, there are 5 areas that a RevOps Strategy focuses on:

  • Departmental Goal Alignment: Departments like sales, marketing and service usually have different goals and metrics that they’re trying to track and achieve. This often leads to missed opportunities and a RevOps strategy brings these teams together to ensure their goals are aligned and they are not fighting each other with different objectives. This leads to smoother operations between departments, makes way for greater opportunities and betters efficiency throughout the organization - leading to revenue growth. 

  • Operational Alignment and Management: The RevOps management team will oversee all departments that contribute revenue growth to make sure that they are aligned with the same goals and objectives. This includes overseeing marketing, sales and service operations and creating a collaborative environment in order to increase business growth. 

  • Data Management: As stated previously, we live in a world of digitization and data collection. RevOps focuses on data to improve the customer journey from the awareness stage through to the purchase stage and customer nurturing. In order to successfully understand the customer experience and provide a solution that guides the customer down the sales funnel, RevOps teams will gather data from all departments and use these insights to optimize departmental functions and operations. When it comes to marketing, RevOps teams will look at content-related metrics, and when it comes to sales,  customer retention numbers will help them improve the customer journey. By analyzing a variety of cross-departmental metrics, the RevOps team is able to optimize every aspect of the business, ensuring revenue growth. 

  • Tech Management: The world has evolved and the business world is now able to better operations through technology. Every business, and every department within a business, now has powerful tech stacks to improve functions and operations. These tools can include Customer Relationship Management systems, Marketing Automation and Content Management Systems, or any other technology that creates a more streamlined workplace. RevOps teams will manage the tech stack within a business to ensure that the tools are aligned and optimized fully to ensure business growth.

  • Business-Wide Enablement: You have definitely heard of sales enablement, a business function that is designed to better the sales process to ensure a higher volume of sales. A RevOps strategy uses this methodology by applying it to all departments including marketing and service departments. Once again, the theme of internal alignment within an organization becomes clear. RevOps teams will complement business-wide enablement through a variety of processes including sales coaching, onboarding and continuous learning - all of which leads to greater productivity in the workplace which in turn, leads to revenue growth. 

The Wrap Up

The reason RevOps is growing across industries is simple: it is through sales, marketing and service alignment, analytics, technology and operations that a strong RevOps strategy will help drive revenue - and who doesn't want to drive revenue?

How We Can Help

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