Sales Call Tracking in Dubai - Why This Is a Must for Businesses

authorToni Becker dateAugust 30, 2021

Business Bay has reported that there are 17,893 operating companies in Dubai in 2021. The emirates region fosters an innovations-based business ecosystem, with Dubai boasting a thriving community of start-up businesses as well as long-standing corporations. With this in mind, businesses in Dubai are taking advantage of technology and strategy to improve sales and one of the most important sales tools is “call tracking” technology.

If you are a business owner in Dubai or you are responsible for customer acquisition at your place of work, then you know the importance of phone calls for sales purposes. Whether this kind of communication is the lifeblood of your business or plays a small role in your business, call tracking needs to form a part of your overall marketing strategy as this tactic helps business owners, marketers, and sales teams make better-informed decisions that drive results.

Let’s take a look at the power of Call Tracking and how it can help your Dubai business thrive.


What is Sales Call Tracking?

Call tracking is a software-based marketing technology that is able to track and analyze leads through a “channel” or phone number in order to help drive marketing efforts and sales performance.  Call tracking allows marketers to assign specific numbers to each marketing campaign and turn phone numbers into a referral source in order to analyze leads. This means that marketers and sales teams have a more accurate and precise picture of campaign effectiveness and profitability while learning more about the leads themselves. 

With call tracking in place, marketers are able to better optimize their campaigns while sales teams are able to better understand each lead based on their interaction and engagement with the company. By understanding which marketing campaign informed a lead, marketers and sales teams are able to identify when a lead is ready to make a purchase, making them a sales qualified lead - driving the buying process forward. Essentially, call tracking provides context to calls, giving sales agents greater insight into where the lead is within the buying cycle and this data can be used to improve conversion rates and improve a business’s bottom line. 

Now that we have an understanding of what call tracking is, let’s take a closer look at the benefits of call tracking. 

What Are the Benefits of Call Tracking for Your Business in Dubai?

As stated previously, call tracking works by assigning a phone number to a marketing campaign (both offline and online marketing campaigns). This tracking number/s will then get forwarded to your business phone number. This allows your sales or service teams to take the call directly through the line. As the call is made through a tracking number, your business and sales teams are able to gain greater insight and information on the caller. 

With this software, you are then able to compare the caller traffic and learn which marketing campaigns are working and which are not reaching the right consumer. This will then inform your marketing team about their efforts, helping you make the best of your business budget.

But how does this impact and benefit sales?

1. Mapping the Customer Journey to Improve Sales Efforts

Understanding the customer journey is not just important for marketing, it is vital for sales. Customer journey mapping offers a strategic approach to understanding a lead's expectation and optimizes the customer experience. 

In order to understand the customer journey, marketers and sales teams can’t simply concentrate on online marketing efforts. In order to accurately measure the journey, they need to focus on phone calls too - and this is why call tracking is important. This is the best way to gain an omnichannel view of a lead which ultimately informs better sales decisions. By integrating call tracking with a Customer Relationship Management tool such as HubSpot, marketing and sales teams are then able to capture client data and leverage this information to better inform further lead nurturing and sales efforts - driving the customer journey. 

2. Bettering the Customer Experience Improves Sales

Customer experience is vital when it comes to driving the sales process. Today, businesses need to design an experience that meets customer expectations and ensures a seamless sales journey. Call tracking has the power to track leads and it is this close attention to detail that helps turn leads into recurring clients. 

This is because call tracking helps provide great demographic insight into your leads and learn what marketing tactics work best for individual leads - personalizing the entire customer journey and driving leads through the sales funnel. 

Again, a CRM system will store call data and provide your sales teams with information about leads at the click of a button. The data provided will include name, location, and the entire call history between the business and the lead. This ensures all communication is personalized which betters the customer experience and drives greater sales. 

Call tracking also records and transcribes calls which means you are able to monitor your call agents and identify any room for improvement and help you better your sales tactics to increase conversion rates. 

3. Eliminate Human Error to Improve Sales

The biggest mistake a business can make is missing a customer query. You see, today's customer wants and expects instant communication and if you don't take their call, you are essentially directing them to your competitors. 

No business can afford to lose potential customers and this situation can be avoided using call tracking software. This is because the technology is able to send real-time notifications for any dropped or lost call. This means that your sales agents will be able to immediately take action and reach out to the caller. This is just the tip of the iceberg as call analytic reports will also identify peak call hours and call days - ensuring your business can organize sales shifts accordingly. This process makes for more streamlined and effective service. Once again, all of this leads to greater conversions.  

The Wrap Up

Call tracking software has the power to help your Dubai-based marketing and sales teams make informed decisions, bettering the customer experience and ultimately driving greater revenue for the business. The Dubai business landscape is vast and with call tracking, you are able to get ahead of your competitors. 

How We Can Help

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